Vergangene Events und Referenten

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Vergangene Events und Referenten

Welche Themen spielen eine wichtige Rolle in der Wirtschaft und in verschiedenen Branchen? Das ist die Frage, die wir innerhalb der Network Clubs beantworten wollen.
Alumni und Unternehmenspartner haben in der Vergangenheit bereits eine Vielzahl von Themen diskutiert und behandelt. Hier finden Sie einige davon. Darüber hinaus teilen bisherige Referentinnen und Referenten ihre Erfahrungen, die sie während den Network Clubs gemacht haben.

Vergangene Events

  • Women in Business Club

    • 24.11.2018 - Elizabeth Ascherl, LingoFacto, MBS Alumna
      Power and Pizazz: How Extraordinary Women Communicate
    • 14.03.2019 - Britta Mues-Walter und Carolina Yeo: How Do you Brand Yourself with Authenticity and Have Jobs Chase You?
  • Consulting Club

    • 24.11.2018 - Torben Frenk, Bain & Company, MBS Alumnus: Digitalization in Retail Banking
    • 17.05.2019 - Marc Papritz, Partner and Managing Director at BCG, MBS Alumnus, and Oliver Kude, Principal at BCG, University of Mannheim Alumnus: The Impact of Big Data & AI on the Banking Industry
  • Marketing & Sales Club

    • 24.11.2018 - Davide Lunghi, Tag Heuer, MBS Alumnus: Transforming Customer Experience
    • 22.02.2019 - Christophe Lautray, Linde Material Handling: Robotization as a Jobkiller
  • Technology & IT Club

    • 24.11.2018 - Jörg Bruch, SAP, MBS Alumnus: Machine, Platform, Crowd: The triple revolution impacting existing assets in IT and High-Tech
    • 22.02.2019 - Christophe Lautray, Linde Material Handling: Robotization as a Jobkiller
  • Financials Club

    • 24.11.2018 - Patrick Kempf, Kempf, Keller, Meierhöfer, MBS Alumnus: Digitalization in Accounting, Finance and Tax
    • 28.03.2019 - Elliot Stevens, HUGO BOSS, MBS Alumnus: Relationships between Capital Markets and Listed Companies
    • 16.05.2019 - Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin Weber and Sabine Bernhard, University of Mannheim: How do retail investors trade? A recent behavioral view.


"Preparing for the session was quite a learning for me.
Of course, in our professional careers, we have organized and chaired hundreds of meetings. But most of the time for 'captive' audiences such as your own collaborators or customers, and for topics of limited scope.
And here, although being an experienced professional in my field of expertise, I had to find out how to attract non specialists into our environment. And also how to broaden the scope, and relate our topic to other problematics of our societies."

Christophe Lautray, CSO und Managing Director bei Linde Material Handling

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"The exercise was time consuming, but enriching. I also sincerely appreciated the kindness and professionalism of the organization team, thanks again for your kind welcome.

Finally, the interactions with the participants were very much a reward for me. And they asked the relevant questions, straight to the point!

Whatever your industry or topic, I would recommend each of us, as managers, to confront once in a while with such a stimulating exercise!

My only wish? Try again!"

"It's a great opportunity to talk and engage with an attentive and highly intelligent audience, which at the same time likes challenges and is ambitious in terms of his/her career."

Britta Mues-Walter, Gründerin und Recruiting Professional im Bereich Executive Search

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"Doing the session together with Carol and Christa as a team approach, was a wonderful experience. With a format which offers three hours and more one has a huge opportunity to dig deeper, have everyone participating and network. As we all put our hearts and brains in it, we wanted to make sure that everyone leaves the evening with new tools, impressions and an enriched network.

Mannheim Business School and the responsible team are welcoming, highly professional and supportive to make it a great experience for everyone, thanks to you Elisabeth and Jens. On top the facilities are modern & beautiful and food and drinks are served as well."


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