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Career, Growth and Network

Our newly designed series of mostly one-day, interactive workshops for Executive MBA participants and alumni, the Mannheim Series for Executives (MSE), focuses on Leadership, Personal Development, Communication and Agility. 

In order to give you greater flexibility and reduce pressure during the EMBA program, our MSE is a non-mandatory offer, and you can decide whether you want to attend during your program or after graduation. New: In completing a certain number of workshops on the different topics, you will have the opportunity to get an Agile Manager Certificate. Like its predecessor, the Personal Development Days, the MSE will take place twice a year in January and June/July. 


Save the Date: The next Mannheim Series for Executives is scheduled for June 25-29, 2021. The program will be available soon. 

Agile Manager Certificate


Create Your Own Experience

Our new modular system allows you obtain an Agile Manager Certificate by completing workshops in five areas. In order to receive the certificate, both "Agile Leadership for Business Managers" workshops and two workshops from each remaining module, namely leadership, communication, personal development and agile methods, are necessary. In other words, 10 workshops are needed to obtain the certificate.

Please keep in mind that you might attend workshops suiting to your individual schedule and preferences. No matter whether you chose workshops from the winter or summer editions of the MSEs, you will still be able to receive the Agile Manager Certificate.

MSE in Review: The Workshops in January 2021

In January 2012, we offered 9 workshops running from 9am to 6pm each day.

Please find more detailed information on the workshops below.

  • 15. January 2021: Emotional Intelligence for Executives with Raphaela Dell
  • 15. January 2021: Crisis and Conflict Management with Thomas Plingen
  • 16. January 2021: Relating & Networking with Nicole Scherf
  • 16. January 2021: Agile Leadership for Business Managers I with Alexander Krieg
  • 17. January 2021: Agile Leadership for Business Managers II with Alexander Krieg
  • 17. January 2021: My Vision – My Career – My Life with Stephanie Voss
  • 18. & 19. January 2021: Kanban Management Professional Certification Course with Gereon Hermkes
  • 18. January 2021: Crisis-Proofing Your Career in Unstable Times with Sandra Bichl
  • 19. January 2021: Leading People Virtually with Scott Levey

MSE: The Workshops on offer January 15-19, 2021

Emotional Intelligence for Executives

Develop an understanding of how to keep a constructive and cooperative behavior even in difficult situations.

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Conflict and Crisis Management

What are criteria for a crisis? How does it show up? And how can we solve it? These and more questions will be answered in this workshop.

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Agile Leadership for Business Managers I

This workshop will guide you to understand the principles and benefits of Agility.

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Relating & Networking

This workshop will help you understand the importance of networks and how to use them effectively.

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Agile Leadership for Business Managers II

This workshop will help you to understand how to implement agile parameters in an organization.

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My Vision – My Career – My Life

You will learn to understand and reflect individual career and life goals in this workshop exclusively open for female participants and alumnae.

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Kanban Management Professional Certification

In this 2-day workshop, you will achieve competency to start or supervise Kanban-based agile transformation processes.

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Crisis-Proofing Your Career in Unstable Times

Learn how to find a strategy to crisis-proof your career.

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Leading People Virtually

Understand the similarities and differences between leading people and teams face-to-face and virtually, identify and practice the core competencies you need to lead virtually, apply action-centred leadership principles to a virtual environment.

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The Personal Development Days 2020 in Review: The Workshops on offer January 19-23, 2020

Brushing up Your Social Media Profile

There are 655,711 Executive Search Consultants and 1,780,204 Recruiters on LinkedIn. How many have reached out to you? How many phone calls from headhunters have you received in the last two years? Let’s work on that!

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Who invented the glass ceiling? A presence based leadership workshop for women

Discover the “truth” about glass ceilings and why women struggle more with the "impostor syndrome" then men. Find out about yourself, your resources and what it takes to make the things happen that take you through glass ceilings!

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Communication with Impact

We all have examples in mind of men and women who enthrall their audience. These charismatic people apply easy-to-learn techniques that you can use, too. Improve your voice, body language, and elevator pitch at an impressive pace.

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Business Alliances & Ecosystems Management

Over 80% companies consider business alliances as driving engines of their future growth. However, only every third company has a strategic alliance management in place. No wonder that over 70% of alliances fail to deliver expected value.

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Cross-Cultural Management

This workshop will help you understand the roots of cultural differences and their consequences on international business, master psychological mechanisms of cross-cultural cooperation, and increase cross-cultural (self)awareness and competence.

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Design Thinking

Learn and experience all phases of the design thinking process in one day. The workshop is designed to get you thinking creatively about products and services from a customers’ perspective. Find creative solutions to customer issues, build and test a prototype.

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Unraveling the Myths of Talent Management

A workshop for both talents and leaders: As a talent, you will understand the organization’s needs and systems, giving you the knowledge to proactively shape your career. As a leader, you will understand the talent risks in a globalized and digitalized world and the solutions to solve them.

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Techniques of Argumentation and Persuasion

Learn about the most important argumentation techniques for business use and refine your rhetorical skills in dealing with situations of argumentation. You will have opportunity to review and optimize your own argumentative behavior during the workshop.

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Dispute Resolution - An Underestimated Value Driver

Disputes arise in all areas of professional and private life and have a tendency to turn into conflicts. We know that the later conflicts are being addressed, the higher the effort is to solve them. Learn to identify differences and resolve disputes. 

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Personal Branding

Know, position, and present yourself: This workshop is about defining your brand, the true presentation of who you are and how you want to be perceived. Learn how to use your network and social media to get your message out and how to play to your strengths.

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The Workshops on offer July 14-17, 2019

Keynote on Personal Development by Carolina Yeo

On the evening before the start of the workshops, Carolina Yeo will give you insights on the impact of personality on careers and the importance of personal development.

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Mastering your Executive Presence

By building and strengthening the connection you have with your audience, you can start to address their needs and therefore have a more positive impact and influence upon them. Learn how to use your individuality to enhance your message.

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What Makes & Breaks Your Career

Are you aware of your ‘ideal’ career path? What are the parameters that influence your career the most? Find out about career patterns, nine areas that can make or break your career, and methods to access the hidden job market.

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Leverage Your Female Leadership Style

Today “leading like a woman" means: different perspectives, empowerment, networking, emotional intelligence! Share and reflect on leadership situations and challenges with colleagues and experts to become aware of the advantages of your own leadership style.

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Digital Leadership

In the digital age leadership is needed more than ever, but the requirements for managers are changing as well. Develop and discuss the central competencies required by managers in an agile working environment and take the Digital Leadership Test.

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Mastering Authenticity in Agile Contexts

Authenticity is a key ingredient in being an agile leader. The more authentic you are and the more you are aware of your resources and talents, the more you can make best use of them to lead people more effectively.

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Storytelling – Leadership Skill & Core Competency

This Master Class teaches the substance, structure, mechanics and essentials of stories. Storytelling is more than just a rhetoric technique. Leaders and their teams in corporations and organizations benefit from this communications principle.

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Leading People Virtually

Understand the similarities and differences between leading people and teams face-to-face and virtually, identify and practice the core competencies you need to lead virtually, apply action-centred leadership principles to a virtual environment.

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Being a Leader in a Sandwich Position

Share and discuss some typical challenges facing middle management today and explore individual and team strategies to face these challenges. Find your role in understanding, communicating, implementing strategic priorities and changes in a VUCA world.

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