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Extend Your Executive MBA Experience

The Personal Development Days are a special offer to our current EMBA participants and EMBA alumni. Twice a year, in January and July, we ask you to join us for exciting one-day seminars on current topics and evergreens, that will open your eyes for new opportunities and perspectives in regards to your personal development as a professional. In order to give you greater flexibility and reduce pressure during the EMBA program, our PDDs are a non-mandatory offer, and you can decide whether you want to attend during your program or after graduation. All workshops are in a one-day format.

Personal Development Days, July 14-17, 2019

Save the date! Topics and speakers will be announced soon.

The Workshops on offer January 20-24, 2019

Brushing up Your Social Media Profile

There are 27,377 Executive Search Consultants on LinkedIn and 1,048,095 Recruiters. How many have reached out to you? How many phone calls from headhunters have you received in the last two years? Let’s work on that!

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Business Alliances & Ecosystems Management

Over 80% companies consider business alliances as driving engines of their future growth. However, only every third company has a strategic alliance management in place. No wonder that over 70% of alliances fail to deliver expected value.

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Recruiting as a Top Priority of a Successful Leader

This workshop will demonstrate why cultural fit is vital for building a successful organization and enable you to better understand the recruiting process, your role and responsibilities within it.

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Get up, Start up – How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

The objective of this workshop is to equip you with an understanding of how to successfully build and run a start-up. You will get to know the local innovation ecosystem Startup Mannheim and some of its successful founding members. 

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Developing Your Executive Presence in Videos

Videos are an engaging way to inform your customers, employees and other stakeholders. In this workshop you will strengthen your authentic executive presence in front of the camera and learn how to prepare yourself effectively before video sessions.

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Ensuring Lasting Success in Challenging Leadership Environment

You, as a leader, are expected to organize, make decisions, and guide people in order to lead your business down the road to success. This responsibility often turns into a heavy burden. For this reason, resilience has become a new hallmark for today’s leaders.

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Ensuring Lasting Success in Challenging Leadership Environment

Disputes arise in all areas of professional and private life and have a tendency to turn into conflicts. We know that the later conflicts are being addressed, the higher the effort is to solve them. Learn to identify differences and resolve disputes. 

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Improved reading: Saving Valuable Time

By learning a new technique, you will dramatically increase your reading speed. You will improve your level of text-understanding by developing a systematic and time saving reading strategy.

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I SPEAK powerfully

Develop a powerful presence. Particularly as a woman in a man’s world. Convince others, without betraying your principles. Use body language, a convincing voice, a strong presence, emphasis, posture, mental strength.

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