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Recruiting as a Top Priority of a Successful Leader

  • Demonstrating why cultural fit is vital for building a successful organization
  • Enabling managers to better understand the recruiting process and their role and responsibilities within it
  • Providing managers with best practice tools to select top talents for their teams


  • The status quo: challenges in the War for Talent and candidate expectations
  • Building a holistic system: the connection between company culture, leadership and recruiting
  • Recruiting basics for leaders: focus on the role of a manager in the recruiting process, defining a position profile and selecting the right candidates (with job interviews / cases)
  • Q&A on recruiting-related topics

Your Coach

Julia Reis

Personal information

  • MPP (Hertie School of Governance + Georgetown University)
  • BA in History and Politics (University of York)
  • „When the fit is right, magic happens.“ (Chris O’Neill)

Professional Career

  • Since 2017 Principal (previously Head of Consulting) @i-potentials
  • 2016 – 2017 Senior Consultant @Oliver Wyman
  • 2014 – 2015 Analyst @CHE Consult

Focus and Experience

  • Recruiting and Organizational Consulting
  • Project Management and Workshop Execution
  • Digital Transformation


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