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The Mannheim Data Science Certificate: Surveys is designed to prepare you for positions such as (Survey) Statistician, Research Scientist, or Decision Scientist in which you are dealing with data that might be incomplete. Missing data can lead to biased analysis results and will limit the use of the data for an organization that collects large amounts of data. With the skills acquired through this certificate, you provide the technical foundation for your organization to successfully implement strategies to overcome the problems of missing data.



1,500.00 EUR (tax exempt)

When booking any certificate, participants gain access to the self-paced tutorial "Introduction to R for Social Scientists" for free. This tutorial is especially useful for participants who may not feel comfortable with the software R, or wish to brush up their skills before an R-intensive course.


This certificate requires sound knowledge about survey data collection at the level provided in our “Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science” course, and/or knowledge of total survey error.

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This Data Science Certificate is offered as a single courses module from the Mannheim Master in Applied Data Science and Measurement.

Courses that are part of this certificate

Introduction to R for Social Scientists

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Questionnaire Design

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Usability Testing for Survey Research

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Web Survey Methodology

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