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Management Education 4.0

Digitization is more than a catchword. It has long been an integral part of the work world and will become increasingly important. Therefore, digital learning should naturally belong in a leading business school’s portfolio. The broad range of instruments and concepts that ideally complements and extends our attendance programs prepare participants for the major current and future challenges of corporate practice.

Current MOOC

People Analytics and Evidence-Based Management

People are often described as an organization’s most important asset, while data was recently referred to as the oil of the 21st century. It’s therefore not surprising that people analytics is considered a game-changer for human resource management practices. Instead of relying mainly on intuition and gut-feeling, analytical approaches and evidence should drive decision-making in organizations.

In this course, you can learn what it takes to start with people analytics, how to address typical challenges, and how existing scientific evidence can help form management decisions. Experts from academia, business, and sports will share knowledge and experience from their people analytics journeys.

Join this free online course to learn about people analytics and evidence-based management and how it can help drive better decision-making in your organization. Find out more here.

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Learning Platform MBSx

Digital learning the Mannheim Way - on an innovative platform for our online courses

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MOOC Digital Talent Management

A free MOOC created in cooperation with experts from research and practice (in German language)

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Microsoft Surface Hubs and Microsoft Cloud

Completely paperless collaboration and maximum spatial flexibility in our new study & conference center.

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