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Paperless Collaboration

For enabling a new didactic approach in its new study and conference center, MBS has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft. All of the ten breakout rooms and the lecture hall have been equipped with a Surface Hub. In combination with Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud, this setup enables completely paperless collaboration and maximum spatial flexibility.

Microsoft Surface Hubs and Microsoft Cloud

A New Didactic Approach

Group work is one of the central elements of the MBA programs at Mannheim Business School. Previously, this involved a lot of paper: course materials such as case studies were printed out and workgroup results were recorded on flipcharts. Now they are stored in the Microsoft Cloud. Participants can access them on their own devices or on the Surface Hubs.

Skype’s integrated video conferencing enables faculty and participants to directly connect with experts, record group sessions, simulate negotiations, and the common data infrastructure allows them to interact with each other across the lecture halls and breakout rooms. This textbook collaboration with Microsoft is a major step forward in making teaching at Mannheim Business School more efficient. Both students and faculty will benefit from it.




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