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The Landscape of Corporate Volunteering – Take the Journey with us!

As part of companies’ CSR activities, corporate volunteering means giving employees time to partake in external nonprofit or charitable initiatives. In fact, more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies engage in varying types of corporate volunteering activities. Companies increasingly engage in these types of activities as they are facing new expectations from potential and existing employees, especially from millennials, and intend to seek new ways to address these expectations to succeed in the war for talent. Join the MOOC starting March 13, 2019, and find out more!

Contents and goal of this MOOC

In this MOOC, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the topic of corporate volunteering. To this end, the MOOC approaches the issue from three different perspectives: 1) the company that offers the corporate volunteering program, 2) the individual employee volunteer, and 3) the nonprofit organization which is the partner in the volunteering activity.

Further, the MOOC clearly goes beyond the academic perspective on the topic. While it looks at the state of the art in academic research from these three perspectives, the MOOC includes various practitioner voices, including managers designing these programs (e.g., from SAP, BASF, or Zalando), individual employees reporting their experiences in such programs, and representatives of nonprofit organizations which have collaborated with corporate volunteers.

After having taken part in this MOOC, participants will have gained a deep understanding of the topic of corporate volunteering from the perspectives of the company, the employee, and the nonprofit organization. Further, they will have developed the necessary skills to plan and design a successful corporate volunteering program.


  • The MOOC addresses

    • practitioners who are interested in the topic of corporate volunteering, especially if they are involved in planning, implementing, managing or evaluating such programs,
    • employees that are interested in getting involved in corporate volunteering,
    • non-profit organizations that are working with or intend to work with corporate volunteers
    • academic students and researchers who are working on the topic of corporate volunteering
    • everyone else who is interested in the topic of corporate volunteering and wants to learn about recent developments, trends, and inspiring examples.
  • The MOOC includes

    • 4+ hours of high-quality video content
    • 3.5+ hours of practice insights
    • 15+ unique practicioner voices (including SAP, BASF, KPMG, Zalando and many more)
  • Other features/highlights

    • Interactive learning map 
    • Short documentary about a complete volunteering event in a refugee shelter, organized by Zalando SE & Vostel Volunteering UG
    • In-depth look at the Corporate Citizenship Survey 2018 by ZiviZ gGmbH and Bertelsmann Stiftung (presented by Dr. Anael Labigne)
  • Content experts

    • Alexandra van der Ploeg, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP
    • Dr. Hartmut Unger, Social Projects and Sport, BASF
    • Stephanie Frost, Co-Founder, Vostel Volunteering UG
    • Salah Said, Corporate Citizenship Manager, Zalando
    • Christian Hell, Partner - Sustainability Services, KPMG
    • Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Schons, Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Mannheim
    • Dr. Irmela Koch-Bayram, Assistant Professor at the Chair of Human Resources Management at the University of Mannheim
    • Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmig, Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of Mannheim
    • Dr. Benedikt Englert, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Mannheim
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