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Making Big Data Tangible

Mannheim Business School is a member of the SAP University Alliances network. This gives us the exciting opportunity to use SAP products in our teaching. For example, we will be working with SAP HANA in some of our courses, making terms such as “big data” and “digital transformation” directly tangible for our participants.

SAP University Alliances

A Strong Network

SAP University Alliances is a global program with more than 3,100 member institutions in over 106 countries that aims to shape the future of higher education. The program exposes students and faculty to the latest SAP technologies and enables institutions to integrate SAP software into their teaching by partnering to build technology skills.

Through a blended learning model, faculty and students access SAP software and SAP University Alliances curricula, bringing hands-on learning with SAP’s enterprise software solutions into the classroom. As they learn using multiple channels, students are able to better connect concepts to practice, becoming better prepared to compete for today’s careers in business and IT.

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