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Blockchain & Financial Analytics - Course Details

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Course Description

Blockchain technology has the potential of disrupting several industries. However, this technology is still in the search for an application that is massively adopted. The reason why this is the case is twofold. First, it stems from the lack of understanding from the business managers about the core innovation behind a blockchain. Second, it is because this technology, in order to be useful, requires a new way of thinking about the way value is created within the organization. Therefore, in this course participants will learn the true innovation behind a blockchain. Once they have understood what a blockchain really is, they will explore different use cases on how this technology can improve existing business models, solve pain points in organizations, and enable the design of new processes for value creation in the financial sector, and beyond!

Optional tutorials included:

  • Data Science With R
  • Data Science With Python



Dr. José Parra-Moyano

José Parra-Moyano is an Assistant Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, and holds a PhD in Management and Economics from the University of Zurich. He is an economist trained in statistical methods, and an expert in the application of technology in business administration, area in which he has several academic publications in FT50 and top-tier journals. His filed of research is the management and economics of privacy and data.

Besides that, José has been listed as FORBES 30 UNDER 30, has been appointed as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and is a Research Fellow at the Blockchain Centre of the University College in London. Moreover, he sits in the board of different companies, advising them in the development of their strategies and in the integration of technology into their core business. 

José gives courses about blockchain, statistics, and business analytics in different universities at master and MBA level. 


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