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HR & People Analytics

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Course Description

People analytics is a management practice that uses data and statistical analyses to improve decision quality in HR management. In this course, we discuss case studies and work with HR data to facilitate data-driven decision-making. It provides an evidence-based approach to management, which enables students to assess the business impact of HR and how management practices can add value at the firm level. High calibre guest speakers complement theory with valuable insights from business.

Course Objectives:

After the course, participants should:

  • be able to analyze firm data to estimate the impact of HR practices
  • understand how management practices can influence firm performance
  • be able to apply an evidence-based approach to management
  • have practiced teamwork, foster communication, and leadership skills
  • be able to actively participate in strategic discussions and HRM decision making

Course Composition and Teaching Methods:

This course familiarizes students with a data-driven, evidence-based approach to decision-making in HR management. For this purpose, Prof. Biemann first discusses key performance indicators to benchmark HR practices and outcomes. Based on these descriptive reporting instruments, a predictive analytics approach is introduced that allows an assessment of the financial impact that HR practices have on employee and firm performance. Furthermore, the course addresses how existing scientific evidence can be employed to inform management decisions.

Optional tutorials included:

  • Data Science With R
  • Data Science With Python



Prof. Dr. Torsten Biemann

Prof. Dr. Torsten Biemann is dedicated to empirical research in the field of human resource management and leadership. His teaching focuses on evidence-based human resource and leadership practices.

Research Interests

  • Careers and career patterns
  • Effectiveness of HR practices
  • International HR management
  • Methods in management research
  • Leadership and leadership success


Located in the heart of the German and European economy, Mannheim Business School (MBS), the umbrella organization for management education at the University of Mannheim, is considered to be one of the leading institutions of its kind in Germany and is continuously ranked as Germany’s #1.