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Growing as a Person

The Mannheim MBA is an intense experience, from which you will naturally and sustainably benefit as a personality. Your personal development during the program is supported by the integration of theoretical course contents and practical experiences along with team coaching sessions. Consequently, your pre-existing leadership potential will be, for example, further expanded by complementing a course on ‘Strategic Leadership’ with a practical Outdoor Leadership Training within the scope of the second Study Trip. 

Principles of Our Approach

Your Development Matters To Us

With our holistic approach, we want to specifically prepare you for future leading positions. In doing so, we pursue the following principles: 

  • We want to foster your personal skills and enable you to work successfully
  • We want to develop your intercultural skills for you to operate safely and effectively in international working environments
  • We want to further develop your leadership skills, which will enable you to lead teams and make high-quality decisions


Located in the heart of the German and European economy, Mannheim Business School (MBS), the umbrella organization for management education at the University of Mannheim, is considered to be one of the leading institutions of its kind in Germany and is continuously ranked as Germany’s #1.