Workshop Building Mental Strength & Resilience

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Building Mental Strength & Resilience

The objective of this workshop is for the participants to:

  • learn important techniques for building a base of resilience,
  • explore healthy self-esteem and how to maintain it,
  • develop a process for maintaining a realistic and positive outlook,
  • plan for maintaining focus in challenging situations, and
  • apply action-centred leadership principles to a virtual environment.

Our workshops will be held entirely online once again.

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  • Recognizing the challenges of current events and their impact on us
  • Engaging with the key ingredients of mental endurance and stamina
  • Practical exercises that can make a difference
  • Focusing in challenging situations
  • Anticipating “derailers” and preparing countermeasures
  • Taking self-care seriously – do different to be different
  • Developing a happiness mindset and understanding the two pillars of healthy self-esteem
  • Exiting the valley-creating personal countermeasures for down times
  • Developing long-term strategies for managing challenging times

Your Coach


Kasper Kivilo

Personal information

  • Psychotherapist, coach and organizational consultant (GIS-International, Denmark)
  • Communication skills trainer (Tallinn University)
  • Teacher of technology education, M.Ed. (Tallinn University)

Professional Career

  • 20+ years of experience as senior trainer/partner at Personal Management Institute
  • 18 years of experience as executive coach
  • 11 years of management experience in the educational sector up to director level
  • 14 years of teaching and training experience at universities

Focus and Experience

  • 20+ years of experience in delivering customized training solutions in a wide range of personal development themes including: well-being at work, stress management, resilience at work; authentic leadership, building trust in teams, personal development, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence.
  • Global international experience includes: Luxembourg, Germany, Nordic and Baltic countries, Central Asia and Middle East


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