Workshop Storytelling - How Great Women Communicate and Inspire - For Women Only -

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Storytelling - How Great Women Communicate and Inspire - For Women Only -

Communication is key! After this workshop, you will be able to use storytelling to add drama, draw listeners in and make communication clear. Manage strategic communication with confidence and project key messages with impact and speak in public with panache, using professional techniques that will inspire and persuade.

This workshop will be held entirely online.

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In and after this workshops, you will:

  • Learn to use storytelling techniques as a way to the room and increase enthusiasm for ideas and projects,
  • be able to pitch a project or an idea with clarity and confidence,
  • learn to use your voice for maximum impact,
  • harmonize your body language with key points to emphasize important messages, and
  • use techniques to help generate messages that people will remember.

Your Coach


Lucy Hoffmann

Personal information

  • B.A. French - Royal Holloway College, University of London (UK)
  • Psychology and Sociology - 3 year diploma Open University (UK)

Professional Career

  • 2013 - today Freelance Strategic Communications Coach
  • 1997– 2013 Communication Skills and Language Trainer, public and private sectors

Focus and Experience

  • Storytelling, strategic content, speaking in public with impact, pitching for success
  • TEDx speaking coach
  • Chair for workshops with international government professionals


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