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Was Teilnehmer und Experten sagen

Der Mannheim Master in Management Analytics & AI trifft die Anforderungen der Praxis - darin sind sich Experten aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft einig. Und unsere aktuellen Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer bestätigen, wie wertvoll die Programminhalte für ihre tägliche Arbeit sind.


"From my experience in the industry, I know what skills companies are looking for in young professionals. And the new program perfectly caters to their needs. Being an alumna of Mannheim Business School, I myself have benefitted greatly from the school’s sound and practice-based approach. The new master in partnership with IDC Herzliya therefore promises to be an excellent program."

Dr. Renata Jovanovic, Executive Partner, Practice Lead Cognitive Process Re-Design, IBM

“The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics has not only enabled me to visualize and gain insights from data faster, but above all to draw the right conclusions from these insights. I particularly enjoy solving case studies in so-called multi-competence teams, because working in diverse teams advances my personal and professional skills.”

Silas Eyrich, Würth Group, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“I deliberately chose the Master in Management Analytics at MBS in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of data gathering, cleansing and visualization, and useful analytical tools. Due to the diversity within the group, I can benefit from the knowledge of my fellow students, especially through the intensive exchange in numerous group projects. With this master’s degree, I see myself well placed to act as the interface between data scientists and the FP&A department in my company, and to create added value, especially with regard to digitalization.”

Isabella Hartig, HeidelbergCement, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“What I like about the MMA is that the lecturers include many practical examples and we learn how to use the latest software for data analysis. I was able to use my knowledge from Data Management to implement a BI tool at my employer. I also enjoy the exchange with highly talented fellow students who have gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of industries.”

Roman Disselkamp, Retail inMotion, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics helps me pursue my career in a data-driven business context as it combines relevant knowledge from business, technology and soft skills. Moreover Mannheim Business School sets a high value on team spirit for the very diverse class I am part of, so that we benefit from each individual’s personal experience and knowledge. Overall, it strengthens my ability to create value in a fast-changing IT business environment.”

Ines Ostwald, Arvato Bertelsmann, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics is really the ideal program, combining digitization with business processes and methods. The imparted knowledge makes it possible to solve specific complex economic problems in a company with the help of statistical and data-driven methods. However, the program is not only about scientific procedures. It also focuses on the value that can be created in a company through new data-driven business models and digitized processes. The practical courses enable me to create added value for SAP SE on a daily basis at work. The areas of application are very diverse, and range from financial and risk analyses to multivariate regressions and classic business intelligence applications.

Dominik Gauger, SAP, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“Mannheim Business School goes the extra mile in selecting the right people for the program. Coming in contact with highly qualified people with different professional backgrounds, I have learned many approaches to solving problems. The data analytical hard skills that I have learned in the Mannheim Master in Management Analytics also give me the necessary skills to make data-driven decisions in my job as an SAP consultant.”

Manuela Lauer, msg treorbis, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“The course helps me understand complex problems far more easily and approach various issues in a more structured manner. Understanding data in this, for me new, manner is a massive advantage in day-to-day business. The time we’ve had so far has been a blast, from our classes in Mannheim to the various online courses: Awesome people, interesting courses and inspiring stories. I think there wasn’t a single moment in which I didn’t learn something new, including those random encounters at the coffee machine.”

Lukas Reusing, Heraeus Conamic, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics at Mannheim Business School is not comparable to conventional degree programs at all. The class is very homogeneous as everyone pursues the same goals with the same outstanding motivation. But at the same time, the heterogeneity in the professional backgrounds of the participants offers an immense potential to learn from each other and exchange practical experiences. The program offers training in line with the times and provides an ideal basis for a better understanding and handling of analytical issues in the company. The lecturers are outstanding: I am impressed with their great practical experience and exciting lectures and teaching methods. The MMA is anything but boring!”

Theresa Erwes, areto consulting, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“The insurance industry is facing major changes. Data and data-driven business models are becoming increasingly important. The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics gives me the necessary skill set to better understand and drive this change. The program addresses the data-related questions of today’s business world. It helps me better understand the relevance of data and their specific use. This is complemented by methodological competencies. I enjoy the balance between theoretical basis and practical relevance, which I can use in my everyday professional life.”

Florian Irmler, Krose GmbH & Co. KG, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“The Master in Management Analytics helps me better understand the ‘black box’ of data science colleagues in my daily work. The content of the MMA is delivered in a very practical manner – it allows me to quickly understand the results and conclusions of data analyses and in turn challenge them from a business perspective. In addition, it is a lot of fun to work in such a heterogeneous group and discuss issues from a variety of angles and backgrounds.”

Anna Töllner, Bayer, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics provides me with the knowledge and skills necessary in today’s digital economy. Its practical curriculum helps me learn not only from outstanding professors but also from my fantastic classmates. I am very grateful to be part of this excellent program.”

Franziskus Perkhofer, Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner, Mannheim Master in Management Analytics Class of 2022

“Two factors are of essential importance for us, a multinational medium-sized company: innovative, quality products and excellently trained, highly motivated employees. The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics is so important for the many successful companies in the Rhine–Neckar Metropolitan Region in particular because we now have the opportunity to prepare our junior staff for future challenges, part-time, at one of the best business schools in Europe, right on our doorstep.”

Dr. Timo Reister, Member of the Executive Board, Fuchs Petrolub SE

“Digitalization is spreading to all areas of the company. Today, intelligent technologies form the basis for innovative products, future business models and even completely new job profiles. The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics is therefore a seminal program and an excellent prerequisite for a career in the digital economy. The degree program is aimed at young professionals who want to learn the basics of both digitization and business administration, establish interrelations between the two, and consequently become valuable employees in many important areas in the company.”

Thomas Saueressig, Member of the Executive Board, SAP SE, Alumnus Mannheim Executive MBA

“Quality, innovation, interdisciplinarity, internationality and practical relevance are major pillars of the “Mannheim concept” and the backbone of the Mannheim Master in Management Analytics. The result is a new degree program with its own structure and curriculum, which is based on the excellence and close integration of economics, the social sciences and computer science at the University of Mannheim, and provides participants with knowledge, methodologies and concepts that can be directly applied and implemented in practice.”

Professor Dr. Florian Stahl, Academic Director Mannheim Master in Management Analytics


Located in the heart of the German and European economy, Mannheim Business School (MBS), the umbrella organization for management education at the University of Mannheim, is considered to be one of the leading institutions of its kind in Germany and is continuously ranked as Germany’s #1.


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