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MBS Impact Club + Leaders of Tomorrow Club | The End of Plastic Pollution

05. Dezember 2023, 18:30 - 05. Dezember 2023, 20:00 (1 Tag)

Join us on December 5 when Tatjana Vetter, alumna of the European MBA 2008, will talk about the UN Treaty to End Plastic Pollution

Dear Mannheimers, 

we want to invite you to a crossover MBS Network Club event for all members of the MBS Impact Club and the MBS Leaders of Tomorrow Club. Tatjana Vetter, alumna of the European MBA 2008, will give you insights in her work on the UN Treaty to End Plastic Pollution at BASF SE. There, she fosters sustainable transition by developing and implementing new forms of public private partnerships in the ESG context. 

Please register here

Place: MBS Study and Conference Center, Mannheim Palace (This will be an on-site event only)
Time: December 05, starting at 6.30 pm


An important note on no shows: 
In the last couple of years, no shows by Mannheimers at MBS events - i.e. Mannheimers registering for an event and not attending - have become an increasing problem. Most events are either organized or headlined by your fellow Mannheimers or our corporate partners. Sadly, we sometimes had astounding no-show rates.

The consequences for the Mannheim Network are significant: Speakers will not return to MBS, active alumni stop engaging, corporate partners stop working with us. Therefore, the Network Club events this fall are a test run for us. We will  closely monitor the no-show rate. We will write to Mannheimers who miss events without deregistering. If no-shows remain a problem, all future Network Club events will require an entrance fee.

So, please, once you know that you will have to miss an event you have registered for, make sure to deregister at least 48 hours before the event. If you have to deregister on short notice, please write an e-mail to

The Mannheim Network is your network, it is up to you to keep it going strong. Therefore, please be mindful of the above rules. 

Please note our policy concerning visual and audio recordings here.
By registering for MBS ACO events, Mannheimers acknowledge and commit to abide by the MBS Network Honor Code.


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