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Comprehensive and Demanding

No day is like another in the Mannheim MBA. The numerous different program elements make sure of that. It is a demanding mix that prepares the leaders of tomorrow for their future challenges in an aimed, sound, and practice-oriented way.

Teamwork is an essential element of the training concept. Participants are divided into so-called Multi-Competence Teams, which are deliberately set up heterogeneously with regard to cultural, professional, and academic experiences. In these small groups, you complete a central part of the program: the Business Master Project. This enables you to impressively experience the positive force of diversity. 


Competence in all Management Disciplines

Quality, substance, and practical orientation are important to us. This maxim is reflected in all courses of the Mannheim MBA. The Core Courses cover all important management disciplines, whereas the Specialization Courses give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge. Each professor selects the appropriate training methods for his or her subject. As a general rule, this is an exciting mix of case studies, simulations, group work, practical lectures, and self-organized learning.

  • Core Courses

    There is a wide variety of courses, such as:

    • Financial Accounting
    • Marketing Fundamentals
    • Strategic Management
    • Organizational Behavior & Change Management
    • Ethics & CSR

    Please note that our exact course offer and module distribution and composition might vary depending on the academic calendar.

  • Specialization Courses

    The Specialization Courses will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the highly topical areas of

    • Directing Business & Leading People (Strategy & Leadership): e.g. Corporate Strategy, Strategic Leadership
    • Creating & Leading Markets (Innovation & Marketing): e.g. Sales & Key Account Management, International Marketing
    • Managing Financial Impacts & Challenges (Finance): e.g. Capital Markets & Investment Strategies, Corporate Mergers

    Please note that our exact course offer and module distribution and composition might vary depending on the academic calendar.

Study Trips

Hands-on Globalization

The program comprises two so-called study trips. One of these is a 5-day study trip to a Business School located in an international business hub. It comprises one course from the mandatory curriculum. In addition, you will be exposed to the corporate world of the respective area, e.g. through guest speakers or company visits. Furthermore, you will get to experience the cultural richness of the respective area through cultural activities and social events. The other study trip takes you to another destination outside Mannheim and focuses on Leadership. Leadership theory is complemented by a practical outdoor leadership training and team Coaching.

Social Sustainability Project

Taking Responsibility

Responsibility is one of the core values of Mannheim Business School. And it is not just a topic for the classroom, but a commitment to action. The best example of this is the Social Project, which is an integral part of the Mannheim MBA curriculum. Every graduating class independently plans and implements its own group project in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, organizing everything itself and directly applying its management skills to the task. The list of previous social projects is impressive and demonstrates that they not only help define the identity of our participant groups, but also symbolize our commitment to taking responsibility for the society.

Business Master Project

Masterpiece in Practice

The Strategic Business Project is undeniably the crowning moment of the Mannheim MBA adventure. The project offers participants the unique opportunity to develop a solution for a complex business issue, using all of their experience and newly gained knowledge and methodological skills. In small groups, you can either slip into the role of consultants and experience a real-life challenge within a company or develop a business plan for a completely new entrepreneurial idea. Interdisciplinary work is an indispensable element of the project. Naturally, participants are assisted during the project by experts from the faculty and the corporate world. Please note that this is a self-acquired project in which you can work with your own or an external company.

Contact Person

Antje Siebler
Admissions Manager Mannheim Part-Time MBA


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