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Between now and the start of your Mannheim Part-Time MBA journey lies your application. So take the next step! A good way to get in touch with us and prepare to submit your documents is by taking part in one of our online or in-person information events. To clarify open questions and get initial feedback on your profile, you can arrange a personal counselling session with the admissions manager.

Admission Criteria

Learning with and from one another is a central component of the Mannheim Part-Time MBA. Thus, we constantly seek people who enjoy enriching the group by sharing their competences, experiences and commitment. Our standards are and always will be exacting in order to ensure an ideal learning experience for all participants.

The formal criteria at a glance

  • An internationally recognized academic degree in any discipline (at least a bachelor’s). Successful candidates will typically possess a minimum B+ average in their undergraduate degree
  • At least three years of postgraduate working experience
  • Leadership potential
  • International experience
  • Fluency in English. Proof of English proficiency: A valid formal test such as TOEFL (95+), IELTS (7+) or TOEIC, TELC, BEC, FCE, CAE or CPE (C1). We also accept a two-year undergraduate degree, for at least half of which the language of instruction and examination was English, or a higher education entrance qualification acquired in an English-speaking education system
  • GMAT or GRE required only if you apply for a scholarship (a minimum GMAT score of 600 or an equivalent GRE score is recommended)


For our application, we focused on showcasing our leadership skills, professional achievements, and motivations for wanting to do the MBA. We reached out to current participants and alumni, who were more than willing to share their experiences and provide valuable advice. Their insights helped us align our expectations and tailor our application effectively. Our first contact with the admissions manager and the MBS team was very warm and welcoming. They seemed genuinely interested in our profiles and career aspirations. They were also transparent about the program and its rigorous demands, which gave us a clear idea of what to expect.

Dr. Benito Campos, Saribek Karapetyan and Gaurav Sinha, Co-Founders of Visual Abstract, Mannheim Part-Time MBA Class of 2020

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We decided to apply for the MBS Part-Time MBA because we believed in the power of lifelong learning and wanted to balance our existing careers with further academic and personal growth. The flexibility of the part-time program, the international reputation of Mannheim Business School, and its strong focus on entrepreneurship particularly appealed to us. Besides being home to Germany’s premier business school, Mannheim has been Germany’s hotspot for B2B startups and in some current rankings the startup climate was number one in the country, surpassing other startup hubs like Berlin and Munich. Next Mannheim is also one of the largest and best organized startup ecosystems. For the three of us, Mannheim was the natural choice.

For our application, we focused on showcasing our leadership skills, professional achievements, and motivations for wanting to do the MBA. We reached out to current participants and alumni, who were more than willing to share their experiences and provide valuable advice. Their insights helped us align our expectations and tailor our application effectively.

Our first contact with the admissions manager and the MBS team was very warm and welcoming. They seemed genuinely interested in our profiles and career aspirations. They were also transparent about the program and its rigorous demands, which gave us a clear idea of what to expect.

Receiving the acceptance notification was a thrilling moment. We felt that the MBA would open many doors for us but that it would also “close” doors in ways that we could not yet fully grasp: It would inevitably shape our path. In addition, we saw it as a validation of our hard work and potential, and it also marked the beginning of a new exciting chapter in our lives.

MBS has been incredibly successful in bringing together some of the brightest talents who are also great team players and good comrades. Walking into our class for the first time was a mix of nervousness and excitement. Seeing the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of our classmates, we knew that we were going to learn as much from them as from the program itself.

The program was filled with numerous highlights and challenges. Some highlights included working on real-world business problems, engaging in stimulating debates, and forming close bonds with our classmates. The most challenging moments were usually associated with balancing the demanding coursework with our professional responsibilities, but overcoming these hurdles was a rewarding experience in itself.

Founding our own company was something we had aspired to, and the program definitely reinforced that decision. The Mannheim startup ecosystem felt like a natural extension of the Mannheim Business School environment: MBS and the Mannheim startup ecosystem provided us with invaluable resources such as access to funding, accelerator programs and potential customers. This support system played a crucial role in getting our business off the ground.

The Mannheim Part-Time MBA has been instrumental in our professional and personal development. It not only equipped us with the tools and knowledge needed to run a successful business but also instilled a sense of resilience, strategic thinking, and ethical responsibility. It expanded our network and introduced us to diverse industries, which have been beneficial in our current roles. As #Mannheimerforlife we always had the unique opportunity to leverage Mannheim Business School’s powerful brand and network. Some of our professors still mentor us to this date, long after graduation and have been instrumental in shaping our business model.

When we started our MBA journey, we could understand the value of the MBS Network but now, we can fully appreciate it. The MBS Network has been an essential part of our journey. It provides ongoing support, learning opportunities, and connections that transcend our time in the classroom. On a personal level, it has given us lifelong friendships. Professionally, it's an immense resource for new business opportunities, partnerships, and insights. We consider it an indispensable part of our success. It speaks highly of Mannheim Business School that, even in times of pandemic and hard competition on the business school market, it has not diluted its prestigious “Mannheimer for life” brand.

Admissions Process

  • Step 1: Start Your Application

    Excited? This is where it all begins. Fill out the Mannheim Part-Time MBA application form and ask your referee to fill out the reference form. Send all the required documents to the Admissions Manager. You can find a checklist of everything you need to include with the application form.


  • Step 2: Ace the First Selection Interview

    The Admissions Committee will review your application as a whole. If your application package is convincing enough, we will want to get to know you personally. In the first interview, you will then get the opportunity to introduce yourself and explain your motivation for pursuing the Mannheim Part-Time MBA more fully.

  • Step 3: The Second Interview

    We want to make sure of two things: that the brightest minds join the class and that they are also the right fit for the program and our Mannheim Network in general. This is why the next step is an online group interview where you will join a group of fellow applicants and two members of our Part-Time MBA Alumni Board. Here you can show how capable you are of learning from and working with your peers. This is also a great opportunity to network with our alumni and your potential classmates!

  • Step 4: You Have Made it! Admission

    The Admissions Committee will consider all of the interviews and application documents and notify you of their decision within two weeks. If you are selected to join the next cohort, you will receive the admission notification and contract to sign and return. Your MBA journey is about to begin!

Country Ambassadors

Country Ambassadors

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Since we have a monthly admission process, you may submit your application for the next program starting in September 2024 in the last week of the month between November 2023 and June 2024.

We offer two early-bird reductions: If you apply by January 31, you will benefit from a €4,500 reduction of your tuition fee. If you apply by April 30, the reduction will be €2,000.


The application fee is €150 (non-refundable). 

You can study the Mannheim Part-Time MBA for €1,430/month. *  

* The price is calculated for 24 monthly installments of €1,430 based on the regular fee (without early-bird reductions) of € 42,500. There are other payment options available. For more information please contact Ms.Siebler. The monthly payment option is available for participants with a permanent employment contract in the European Union only. A down payment of €8,500 has to be paid no later than three weeks after the official notification of admission. 

Many countries allow tuition for an MBA program and related expenses such as travel costs to count as tax-deductible expenses. Find out more here.  

The program kicks off in September. Since only limited places are available, we strongly recommend getting in touch with us as early as possible.

Finance your studies

Private loans that cover education expenses are available from many banks. We recommend that you contact your local bank to explore your options.

Brain Capital’ Generation Contract is another model to finance your studies. Under the contract, you can focus on your studies without having to worry about finances. It covers tuition fees and living expenses. Read more about the terms and conditions, and how to apply for a loan on the Brain Capital website.


Mannheim Business School offers a number of partial scholarships to outstanding candidates. In order to apply for a scholarship, you need to submit a complete application and ace the first interview with the Admissions Manager. Please note that a minimum GMAT score of 600 or equivalent GRE score is recommended to apply for a scholarship.

  • Scholarship for Outstanding Candidates

    Outstanding in this case refers to several achievements and desirable characteristics such as an excellent educational and professional background, a high GMAT score, international working experience, language skills and social engagement. In addition, your performance throughout our selection process will highly contribute to the final scholarship amount.

  • Scholarship for Women in Business

    This scholarship emphasizes Mannheim Business School’s commitment to increase the number of women in executive positions. Any woman with a proven track record of outstanding achievements in her professional life or social commitments can apply for this scholarship.


In Germany, employees usually have the right to Bildungsurlaub, a period of paid leave granted to take part in educational programs. These programs are accredited by Germany’s individual federal states. Mannheim Business School has been accredited by the states of Baden-Württemberg and North-Rhine Westphalia. In some states, MBS has to apply for selected modules while some others automatically approve of educational events that have been approved in another state. Only Bavaria and Saxony do not have legislation for paid educational leave.

If you are a participant in one of our part-time MBA or EMBA programs, you may be eligible to apply for five days’ paid leave per year, depending on where your company is based. The rules and application deadlines differ widely in each state, so make sure to inform yourself and apply early. Find more information (in German) here.

Contact Person

Antje Siebler
Admissions Manager Mannheim Part-Time MBA
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We invite you to gain a personal impression of Mannheim Business School by a personal orientation
consultation. We kindly ask you to check the information available on the webpage before getting in touch with
us. If you are interested please register, we will contact you.

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Your personal details are provided voluntarily; however, for processing your request, we need at least your name and e-mail address. Furthermore, we need your country in order to be able to tailor our response individually. These boxes are highlighted accordingly as mandatory (*). Your optional information will allow us to advise you on an individual and personalized basis. We process and use your information only for your desired purposes, resp. for processing your request, according to our privacy policy. All information provided will be kept confidential. Passing on of your data and information to third parties is excluded.

I agree that Mannheim Business School stores my personal data in order to inform and advise me going forward of news and the benefits of the programs of Mannheim Business School, also via e-mail or phone and our sales newsletter. Consent may be revoked at any time with future effect.


  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Application Form
    Download (PDF, Size: 465.80 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Brochure
    Download (PDF, Size: 618.34 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Reference Form
    Download (PDF, Size: 266.11 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Payment Information
    Download (PDF, Size: 65.97 KB)
  • Factsheet Mannheim Part-Time MBA
    Download (PDF, Size: 307.28 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Tax Tip
    Download (PDF, Size: 189.34 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Sample Schedule
    Download (PDF, Size: 58.06 KB)
  • Guidelines for the Crediting of Professional Competencies
    Download (PDF, Size: 243.63 KB)
  • Application Form for the Crediting of Professional Competencies
    Download (PDF, Size: 51.46 KB)
  • Attachment for the Crediting of Professional Competencies
    Download (PDF, Size: 53.10 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Examination Regulations EN
    Download (PDF, Size: 340.40 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Prüfungsordnung DE
    Download (PDF, Size: 324.86 KB)
  • Mannheim Part-Time MBA Impact Report
    Download (PDF, Size: 257.68 KB)


Located in the heart of the German and European economy, Mannheim Business School (MBS), the umbrella organization for management education at the University of Mannheim, is considered to be one of the leading institutions of its kind in Germany and is continuously ranked as Germany’s #1.


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