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From Sustainability to Value

Society at large is increasingly facing existential challenges such as the global climate crisis, a general scarcity of resources and severe biodiversity loss. Consequently, successfully managing sustainability, i.e., the company’s impact on people and planet, is not only becoming a core responsibility of firms but also a key success factor, enabling companies to gain competitive advantages.

Various stakeholders including employees, customers, investors, governments and non-governmental organizations are calling for companies to take a proactive role in sustainable development and be a part of the solution rather than merely contributing to the problem.

Become part of the next cohort and learn the knowledge and methods needed to make an impact in your company in our part-time program.

  • Blended learning program – the best of both worlds

    This innovative master’s program is designed for working professionals. It is an opportunity to learn all about sustainability, which is a relevant and, in the future, absolutely necessary field, while advancing your professional career. This gives you the best of both worlds. Firstly, you will spend a week on campus here in Mannheim regularly. This enables you to get that important personal contact with lecturers, professors, and your fellow students, and build a bond with them – the prerequisite for any well-functioning network. And secondly, the rest of the program will be online. This gives you the flexibility to join your classes from anywhere, making work, private life and studies perfectly compatible. The best thing about this is that you’re never alone, but in constant contact with your fellow students and faculty thanks to a variety of group projects, such as the Impact Master Project.

  • Part-time program – "A job is a must, but you will benefit from it!"

    The Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management is a part-time master’s program. This means that you must be in permanent employment throughout the program, regardless of the field or industry in which you work. What is important is that you are interested in and enthusiastic about sustainability. This helps us ensure that you are in a position to apply your newly acquired expertise and innovative methods directly, and that you, your team and your employer will all benefit from them.

  • A program that provides the best learning experience while benefiting the environment!

    You will be required to be on campus at Mannheim for only 30 days throughout the two-year program. During these weeks on campus, you will attend not only intensive lectures, but also social activities that will serve to build and strengthen the group and class spirit. The rest of the time, the program will be online, enabling you to attend from wherever you want. The only condition is that you attend your Friday-afternoon lectures, as they are mandatory. Take advantage of the exciting individual and group assignments and projects, which you will coordinate and work on in your own time.

    Apart from imparting the essential management skills and addressing sustainability in great depth, we also help you develop personally.

    And by the way, thanks to our long-term scheduling, you can plan and organize your trips to Mannheim early on.

Boost Your Career


The Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management has been created with motivated professionals who are fascinated by these two major issues in mind. Throughout this master’s program, we enable and indeed encourage our students to apply their newly acquired knowledge directly at work. Your mentors will share their expertise and provide exciting insights into their respective areas, so that you will be able to test it out in practice. As an impact manager upon completion of this program, you will be an expert in matters related to sustainability and impact management.

In addition to building a solid foundation in the relevant management skills, you will develop a strategic approach to future challenges and competences in agile project management. Our variety of learning formats will also help you grow personally and develop and hone your teamwork skills.

And most importantly, you will be empowered to take an active role in shaping the world of tomorrow as from today.

Impact Report

The Mannheim Master in Sustainability & Impact Management boosts our participants' expertise and careers.

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Our Tailor-Made Program to Address These Pressing Issues


In order to meet these diverse expectations and challenges, it is essential to understand stakeholder concerns and effectively balance the goals of profitability and sustainability. Moral standards as well as current and upcoming legal regulations are making environmental and social sustainability indispensable cornerstones of future corporate management.

Impact managers who anticipate, understand and proactively create cross-functional solutions to these dynamic market developments will create substantial value for their companies and society at large. Consequently, knowledge and the skill set required to sustainably manage the company’s impacts, both of which lie at the heart of the Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management, will be critical components of the core competences of future talent.

Profiles We Are Looking For

  • Focus: Interest in sustainability topics with the aim of making a positive impact
  • Degree: First academic degree (open to department)
  • Work experience: Suitable for young professionals as well as experienced managers
  • Job area: open to employees from all functions and areas
  • Language skills: English (B2 level); proof required

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Personal Orientation Interview or Campus Tour with the MSIM Admissions Manager

If you would like a preliminary online consultation with the Admissions Manager to discuss your profile, you can book a personal orientation interview or a CV check with Katja Gold here. Ms. Gold will advise you whether your profile meets the requirements of our MSIM program. For a private campus tour please write an email to admissions.master@mannheim-business-school.com.

Please note that these online consultations will take place during our usual office hours on weekdays. These consultations do not start an application process and do not replace the selection interview.

Key benefits

World-class research and teaching: The Mannheim faculty members are among the thought leaders in their fields and are held in the highest esteem, both nationally and internationally, by peers in research and practice.

Business excellence: Acquire the latest skills and tools needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

A distinctive practical orientation: Benefit from close collaboration and workshops with companies of different sizes and in various industries, and from the experience of renowned business experts.

Perks of our network: Join a unique and highly successful global network of smart peers with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, which is also evident in our Network Clubs like the Diversity Club with its Women in Business and Pride@MBS Communities.

Compatibility: Get on with your career and benefit from the modular, fluid learning format.

Personal development: Identify your personal goals and take the appropriate steps to achieve them with our personal development offers.

An investment in yourself: Prepare yourself for future business challenges with the required knowledge and skills.

The Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management at a Glance


Master of Arts (M.A.) awarded by the University of Mannheim

Duration & Structure

24-month modular part-time format


Mannheim (6 weeks during 2 years) & regular online courses

Admission Requirements

A first degree, first work experience, fluency in English, current employment

Program Language

100 % English

Form of Teaching

50 % on campus in Mannheim, 50 % online

Program Start


Tuition Fee

Current fee € 27,000 (regular fee € 32,000), Early Bird offers available



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Further Information

Benefits for Companies

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Program Structure

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The Curriculum

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Application and Admission

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What do academic and practical experts have to say about the Master in Sustainability and Impact Management?

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Personal Development

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Alumni Network

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Contact Person

Katja Gold
Admissions Manager Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management


  • Brochure Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
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  • Sample Schedule Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
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  • Payment Information Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
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  • Tax Tip Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
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  • Application Form Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
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  • Factsheet Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
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  • Examination Regulations/Prüfungsordnung DE Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management
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  • Guidelines for the Crediting of Professional Competencies
    Download (PDF, Size: 243.63 KB)
  • Application Form for the Crediting of Professional Competencies
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  • Attachment for the Crediting of Professional Competencies
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  • Impact Report Mannheim Master in Sustainability & Impact Management
    Download (PDF, Size: 296.74 KB)


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