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Learn, Practice and Grow. Repeat

The ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA will transform the way you tackle challenges, interact with international colleagues and are perceived as a business leader. Throughout your EMBA journey, you will progressively develop your personal and leadership skills through team-building exercises, group coaching and experiential training sessions at the Outdoor Leadership Training.

A personal mentor from our pool of experienced Executive MBA alumni will serve as your sounding board and guide in the course of the program. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your values and skill sets. Helping you define and develop your competitive strengths and capitalize on professional opportunities will be the goal of the dedicated Career Development Managers at both schools.


  • 82.5 % increase in salary (on average one year after graduation)
  • 75 % of all participants changed jobs
  • 90 % are in a senior leadership position
  • 95% would recommend the program to a colleague or friend
  • 71 % say they reached all of their goals

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“The ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA significantly increased my confidence, both in taking ownership as a leader and with others to help improve the outcome for all relevant stakeholders. Working in a multi-competence team with the most diverse people from different countries, backgrounds and industries was a true reflection of the environment I am exposed to today. I now feel much better equipped to take more responsibility in co-shaping and leading teams toward a successful and sustainable outcome for the organization I am part of.”

Jules Keghie, VP, Head of System Engineering & Architecture at Elekta, ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA Class of 2021

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I first heard about the program from an HR executive who praised the quality of the program at Mannheim Business School, and was further motivated by a friend who was an ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA graduate. The initial contact and subsequent communication with the admissions manager was both professional and very friendly. This also played a role in my willingness to proceed with the application process.

When I was admitted to the program, I was very happy and eager to start and engage on my path of exploration and development. Moreover, I was very curious and excited to learn more about the other participants and the curriculum.

Despite the challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our class developed a great team spirit. My personal highlights were the social class project, which we as a class together were able to bring to a successful conclusion and make a lasting impact on the battle against leukemia. Additionally, the executive leadership program at St. Cyr and the lecture on strategic leadership outlined key aspects of what leadership on such a scale can mean. Looking back, there were no especially challenging moments but rather a set of different smaller challenges due to the increasing levels of expectation and the necessity to multitask as part of the learning and development journey.

Thankfully, my family was a key support throughout and an enabler of my success in the EMBA. Before starting the program, I had discussed with my family what studying part-time on top of my job would mean and secured their agreement and support ahead of the journey. The EMBA was not only an individual achievement but also a validation of how well we as a family team could deliver within this high-content and high-paced setting.

To date, the MBS Network still plays an important role at a personal level because friendships have emerged from the program and we maintain the spirit of the network through the MBS alumni chapters. Professionally, it has helped to the extent that attending the diverse MBS club events and industry presentations is both an opportunity to further my network and a source of inspiration for what happens in the world outside of my company.

“The ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA was truly one of the best investments I have ever made. Excellent leadership skills and optimal use of human and capital resources are crucial to succeeding in a global environment today, and the EMBA program provided me with an ideal opportunity to develop these skills and continue to evolve as an executive. I have benefited especially from the exchange with peers from a wide range of industries and cultures, which has opened up new experiences and perspectives for me.”

Marc Setzen, CEO at ProXES, ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA Class of 2010

Fostering Personal Growth

You already have a successful career but want to push the boundaries of roles that are within reach and explore your full potential. In this case, the Executive MBA is the perfect opportunity for you to reflect on and redefine your goals. You may wish to attain a certain position within your company or use the combined networks to find a new employer. You may want to use the Strategic Project as preparation for setting up your own business. Or you may consider leveraging your talents and passions to switch to a different industry or role altogether. Our dedicated Career Development Managers will help you in this process of transition and work with you in individual coaching sessions, workshops and events. “Mannheimer for Life” is no mere slogan, it means that you can come back to us at any time and use us as a sparring partner for the next step in your career.


  • Excellent knowledge transfer in the courses
  • Immersion in business and leadership topics in the electives and study trips
  • Team project work and Multi-Competence Team coaching
  • Experiential learning in the Outdoor Leadership Training
  • Networking with participants and alumni from other cohorts and programs
  • Working closely with an Executive MBA alumnus/alumna as your individual mentor
  • Inspiration provided by top business leaders and founders
  • Individual career coaching and career-related workshops
  • Self-reflection and self-assessment
  • Exclusive online platforms, tools and job boards

You will have access to the career development offices of both schools. The ESSEC Talent Center and ESSEC Alumni Association will provide you with a range of services at ESSEC Business School, while your port of call at Mannheim Business School will be the Alumni Relations & Career Development Office (ACO). Our Career Development Managers will be available for individual career counseling. You will also have access to the workshops of the Mannheim Series for Executives – an extracurricular series of workshops for Executive MBA participants and alumni that focuses on issues related to leadership, personal development, communication and agility.

Multi-Competence Team (MCT) coaching sessions ensure that you and your classmates create and maintain high-performing teams committed to achieving a common objective, produce high-quality results, work well and enjoy working together. The very success of your EMBA thesis – the Strategic Project – hinges on good team work.


Mannheimers can rely on a unique network. This of course includes our corporate contacts. We regularly work closely with our contacts at various levels within renowned companies of different sizes, in various industries. Needless to say, these corporate partners also frequently recruit from among our graduates. Meet our corporate partners here.

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Admissions Manager Executive MBA Programs


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