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Mastering Authenticity in Agile Contexts

Today’s successful leaders need to be agile: manage high levels of complexity, guide change, create and communicate strategies, inspire and motivate people so that they can bring out the best in themselves.

Authenticity is a key ingredient in being an agile leader. Some people believe being authentic means to be weak. It is a perspective based on fear. More authenticity makes you more powerful and credible. The more authentic you are and the more aware you are of your resources and talents, the more you are able to make best use of them and lead people more effectively.

Moreover, it is actually easier to be who you really are, rather than trying to be someone you are not. We all know that wearing a mask can be very tiring in the long run as this inevitably creates an inner conflict, which will prevent us from realizing our full potential. The bottom line is that authenticity enables you to lead more effectively and to live and work more happily.


  • Develop a more authentic and easier-to-manifest leadership style
  • Discover the archetypal resource model: a map for personal effectiveness
  • Gain personal insights by observing or participating in the work of others, rather than pushing yourself to be different.

    Your Coach


    Francesco Pimpinelli

    Personal information

    • Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan
    • “Pushing yourself to be different - on the long run - can be extremely tiring. While being who you really are is a huge relief and makes you more effective in everything you do."


    Professional Career

    • Over 16 years of working with major international organizations:
      Olivetti, European Union, Gemini Consulting, Oracle, Unicredit
    • Work as a Coach since 2002.


    Focus and Experience

    • Facilitate change for executives and leadership teams through coaching in Europe across different industries.
    • Support cultural and behavioural change in key positions in companies, so that the organization and the people can more easily express their potential and be more effective in reaching their business goals.


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