Workshop Cross-Cultural Management

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Cross Cultural Management

  • Identify cultural dimensions in the field of communication, relation to authority, work organisation
  • Understand the roots of cultural differences and their consequences on international business
  • Master psychological mechanisms of cross-cultural cooperation  
  • Increase cross-cultural (self)awareness and competence


  • Video: a world of difference
  • Simulation game on cross-cultural collaboration  
  • Lecture: avoiding potential sources of misunderstandings
  • Exploring soft skills and their application: The International Profiler

Your Coach


Prof. Dr. Jacques Pateau

Jacques Pateau is Professor of Intercultural Communication and Management at the Compiègne University of Technology (France). His PhD was devoted to an extensive study of the cultural factors in corporate organization, management and communication.

In the nineties he conducted a comprehensive research project funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation. The objective was to study the origins of Franco-German misunderstandings and difficulties in long established mother companies and subsidiaries as well as in recent joint ventures and mergers between the two countries. In the meantime this methodology has been extended to other European countries as well as to Asian and North and South Americans countries.

Pateau Consultants (www.pateauconsultants.com) created in 2006 has trained more than 35000 managers of large international corporations, mainly in multicultural team building and team development sessions, called Bridges but also in the framework of personal coaching for senior managers and top executives.

Jacques Pateau has published numerous works and articles. His book 'Une étrange alchimie: la dimension interculturelle dans la cooperation franco-allemande' (CIRAC, February 2003) was edited in Germany under the title 'Die seltsame Alchimie in der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Deutschen und Franzosen: aus der Praxis des interkulturellen Managements' (Campus, May 2004).

In February 2015 he delivered a TEDx talk*: „Cooperation management in global companies“


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