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Mastering your Executive Presence

By building and strengthening the connection and relationship you have with your audience, you can start to address their needs and therefore have a more positive impact and influence upon them.

Through experiential learning ‘on your feet’  you will learn what works and does not work for your audience. Learn how to manage those initial stressful moments, in order to combat the normal fears of public speaking and high stakes presentations. Use your individuality to serve and enhance your message.


  • Presence: Who has it? How does it show up?
  • Use of body language and breathing: “actors neutral”
  • The “presence equation”
  • Actors’ tools: breathe, connect, investigate
  • Increasing your presence to increase your impact in communications

    Your Coach


    Mike McLean

    Personal information

    • Associate in Leadership Choices
    • „Increase your leadership presence with the tools of the actors: Breathing! Connecting! Investigating!”

    Professional Career

    • Associate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama
    • 35 years as a professional actor and theatre director
    • 10 years as executive coach for the TAI group, NY
    • Top Executive Coaching for senior executives in communication and executive presence

    Focus and Experience

    • Executive Presence
    • One-on-one discussions
    • Actors‘ tools


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