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Leverage Your Female Leadership Style

Today “leading like a woman" is often understood as a compliment. This means: different perspectives, empowerment, networking, and emotional intelligence!

This workshop was initiated to encourage female managers to become aware of the advantages of their own leadership style and to generate real leverage from it. By reflecting on your own professional situation and exchanging ideas with colleagues, you will develop practical tools and impulses for professionally managing personal challenges.


  • Reflect on one's own leadership style and analyze the impact on oneself and others in the context.
  • Uncovering your Iceberg. Shifting mindset and climbing back up the iceberg.
  • Identifying possibilities for leverage: Small behavioral adjustments with large effect!
  • Share and reflect on leadership situations, issues and challenges with colleagues and experts in a secure, trusting environment.
  • Get perspectives, input, advice and support to grow in your role.

    Your Coach


    Dr. Ulrike C. Straßer

    Personal information

    • Partner in Leadership Choices
    • "Female executives can use their strengths with great leverage!"

    Professional Career

    • 1995-2001:   Management consultant / Executive leader Arthur D. Little
    • 2008-2011    Management consultant / Principal Ernst & Young
    • 2004-2008    Cofounder LEXTA Consultants
    • 2012 - today Top Executive Coaching

    Focus and Experience

    • Female Leadership
    • Connecting Generations
    • Flexible Leadership Behavior


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