How Do Others Perceive Me? - For Women Only -

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How do Others Perceive Me? - For Women Only -

Self-awareness contributes significantly to personality development. Therefore, it is particularly important for everyone who has a lot to do with people to know how they are assessed by others. Your actions will be even more successful if you can consciously and situationally use the effect of your communication and your appearance (non-verbal & verbal).

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  • Phases of negotiations and meetings
  • Developing negotiation strategies
  • Looking for integrative solutions in a negotiation
  • Five key points for every negotiation
  • How to deal with difficult adversaries
  • The critical role of the emotions in negotiations and meetings
  • The important distinction between short and long-term results
  • Objective and rational or emotional and aggressive?
  • Negotiation concepts: 'Harvard Concept', 'Non-directive Concept' of Carl Rogers, the 'Win-Win Concept' of Thomas Gordon

Your Coach


Soares Hegemann

Professional Career

  • Many years of professional experience as freelance Business Development Consultant
  • BU Controller in the field of plastics, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, waxes
  • Member of the Executive Committee "Strategy and Investments”
  • General Manager at Trevira Fibras S.A. / Portugal
  • Head of Manufacturing Processes / Operational Excellence
  • Managing Director at Johns Manville AB, Business Unit Glass Wallpapers / Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Diploma Businessman


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