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Who invented the glass ceiling? A presence based leadership workshop for women

Find out about yourself, your resources and what it takes to make the things happen that take you through glass ceilings!


  • In this very provocative and interactive workshop we will discover the “truth” about glass ceilings and find out why women tend to land on the glass cliffs. And why the hell do women struggle with the “imposter syndrome” more than men?
  • You will not only find out a lot about yourself, but also about what it takes to make things happen in your life and/or your career and how to overcome barriers.

    Your Coach


    Ingrid Salamon

    Personal information

    • Executive MBA ESSEC & Mannheim Business School, MSc Wine Management, ACC ICF (Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation), IDC certified Coach, Reiss Profile Master Coach, HOGAN certified Coach, Belbin certified Coach, Certified in applied psychology for People Management
    • My coaching is based on the principle that each person has unique talents, considerable abilities as well as the resources needed to succeed in their private and professional life. I’m inspiring people to maximize their personal and professional potential.


    Professional Career

    • 2014 – present   Executive Coach & Mentor, Trainer & Consultant
                               Founder and CEO Salamon Coaching Centre, Lavey, Switzerland
    • 2003 – 2014       Member of Executive Board, Managing Director in FMCG Industry in China,
                               Germany, Russia, SEA, UAE, Ukraine, UK


    Focus and Experience

    • Leveraging more than 25 years of management experience combined with insights from scientific research to coach, mentor, consult and train professionals at all stages of their career.


    Located in the heart of the German and European economy, Mannheim Business School (MBS), the umbrella organization for management education at the University of Mannheim, is considered to be one of the leading institutions of its kind in Germany and is continuously ranked as Germany’s #1.


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