Repartee - Never Again Speechless!

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Repartee - Never Again Speechless!

Quick-wittedness can be learned! Being quick-witted helps to react constructively in important conversation situations such as presentations, in meetings, during negotiations and especially on the phone. In this seminar, you will learn to respond appropriately to so-called "killer phrases" and verbal attacks. This will make you appear more confident and radiate more competence and self-confidence. With the help of many practical examples and exercises, you will train your repartee and always have the right answers ready.

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  • What is it?
  • Constructive on the matter - What is intelligent repartee?
  • How can I learn repartee? Tips and tricks for the initial reaction
  • Learning to counter A question of inner attitude - never again speechless!
  • Find an appreciative attitude towards the dialogue partner
  • Keeping the overall goals in view
  • Being able to say no

Dealing with aggression and destructive interlocutors:

  • React with presence of mind without "hitting back": Meeting confrontations objectively
  • Responding to aggressive statements: constructively instead of destructively
  • Respond elegantly to personal attacks
  • Composure and sovereignty in unpleasant situations

Being quick-witted in different situations:

  • Negotiations: Keep an eye on your partner's strategies
  • Presentations and moderation situations: Learning to delegate back
  • Conflicts: De-escalation

Your Coach


Soares Hegemann

Professional Career

  • Many years of professional experience as freelance Business Development Consultant
  • BU Controller in the field of plastics, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, waxes
  • Member of the Executive Committee "Strategy and Investments”
  • General Manager at Trevira Fibras S.A. / Portugal
  • Head of Manufacturing Processes / Operational Excellence
  • Managing Director at Johns Manville AB, Business Unit Glass Wallpapers / Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Diploma Businessman


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