Sovereignty and Self-Confidence

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Sovereignty and Self-Confidence

A confident and sovereign appearance is a great advantage in many professional situations. Mastering conversations, presentations, meetings, and various other professional situations professionally and with charisma has to be learned. Participants are familiarised with the basic principles of self-confidence and are then able to approach their interlocutors with self-assurance and sensitivity. Special emphasis is placed on conversation, leadership, and sales situations.

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Self-confident and authentic appearance:

  • The five rules of self-confidence - how do I radiate confidence and competence?
  • How do I increase my empathy?
  • Tips for increasing empathy
  • Creating positive resonance with interlocutors
  • Increasing acceptance and triggering positive feelings
  • How can I recognise self-confidence in my behaviour?

Self-confident body language and self-assurance:

  • Learn to consciously use body language to emphasise your effect: Gestures, facial expressions, speech modulation
  • Tips for increasing self-confidence and persuasiveness
  • The connection between body language and personality development

Exude self-confidence in difficult situations:

  • Staying calm in the face of nervousness and stage fright
  • When does self-confidence turn into annoying arrogance?
  • What is self-confident restraint?
  • Appearing confident even with little preparation

Your Coach


Ralf Fischer

Personal Information

  • Systemic Coach
  • Degree in Business Administration

Professional Career

  • Head of Sales at Siemens AG, Frankfurt am Main
  • Head of Sales International Accounts at Siemens AG, Munich
  • Head of Executive Search at Hirche Personnel Optimization, Wiesbaden
  • Sales Director at Gartner Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
  • Global Sales Director at Compass Management Consulting, Wiesbaden
  • Director Sales at Forrester Research, Frankfurt am Main
  • Further training as a systemic coach, Rhine Main University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden
  • Further training as an organizational developer, Rhine Main University, Wiesbaden


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