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Attaining and Retaining Top Performers

The Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management is ideal to prepare promising employees for the challenges of the future.

Our main focus for this program is the training of experts who will use their knowledge and skills to initiate and steer the overall transformation of companies and who, with their acquired knowledge, are capable to identify the required measures in all ESG-areas and find suiting solutions.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Cost-efficiency: Build a knowledge base on sustainable management within your workforce instead of relying on expensive consulting.

Sustainability expertise: Stay ahead of the competition with managers who know how to integrate sustainability into the company’s strategy and all business processes.

Master Project: Enjoy the benefits of an optional consulting project on a topic of your choice, which will be conducted by the participants.

Attract generation Y and Z talent: A new generation of potential employees will choose their employer based on the company’s attitude to sustainability.

Retain talent: Foster the development of high achievers to become your future executives and enable them to maximize their contribution toward the success of your company.

The latest knowledge and tools: Acquire new knowledge, fresh ideas and instantly applicable strategies for your organization.

Compatibility: Due to our fluid teaching concept, this program is compatible with your employees’ working hours.

Holistic approach: Choose a fully-fledged, established and sustainable impact management program instead of isolated and unaligned courses.

Contact Persons

Katja Gold
Admissions Manager Mannheim Master in Sustainability and Impact Management


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