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Benefit from a Specialized Track in Official Statistics

Getting an EMOS certificate through the Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurement (MDM) will prove a great asset for your career in official statistics, since you will be uniquely qualified for positions offered at national statistical institutes or other producers of official statistics. A traineeship as part of the EMOS Track will moreover give you the opportunity to gather practical experience and build valuable contacts at one of our prestigious partners in official statistics, for example at Deutsche Bundesbank, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), or the statistical office of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.


  • What is EMOS?

    EMOS is a label for master’s programs awarded by the European Statistical System Committee. EMOS stands for “European Master in Official Statistics” and is a network of master’s programs providing post-graduate education in the area of official statistics. Universities offering EMOS master’s degrees collaborate actively with the national statistical institutes to reduce the gap between theory and practice.

  • What are the learning outcomes of EMOS master’s programs?

    EMOS programs are based on learning outcomes, which familiarize the graduates with the system of official statistics, production models, statistical methods and dissemination.

  • What are my benefits?

    If you decide to study the EMOS track within the Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurement (MDM), you will be awarded an additional EMOS certificate upon successful completion of the program. As this EMOS certificate affirms your proficiency with the competencies needed in official statistics, it will prove as a great asset for your career in official statistics. You will be uniquely qualified to apply for positions offered at national statistical institutes or other producers of official statistics.

  • What are the requirements to receive the EMOS certificate?

    For acquiring the EMOS certificate, you must complete the MDM program and you must fulfill the following three conditions: 

    1. Completing the elective courses “Introduction to Official Statistics” and “Advanced Topics in Official Statistics”.
    2. Completing a traineeship in official statistics and pass the “Project Report”.
    3. Completing your “Master-Project” about a research topic relevant to official statistics.
  • How do I obtain a traineeship in official statistics?

    We established cooperation with prestigious partners in official statistics: The Deutsche Bundesbank, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the statistical office of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. As an EMOS student within the MDM, we will support you with the coordination of your traineeship and will allocate you with a direct contact person within those institutions. If you wish to conduct your traineeship at other institutions of official statistics, please check with your program management team.

  • How is the obligatory traineeship organized?

    You will be assigned a certain project relevant to official statistics from your traineeship institution. Your allocated supervisor guides you through this project and makes sure that you are integrated into the institutional structure.

The EMOS Specialization Track

The curriculum consists of pre-selected and elective courses. If you want to study the EMOS Track and acquire the EMOS certificate, you need to choose the two courses “Introduction to Official Statistics” and “Advanced Topics in Official Statistics” within your electives. For the remaining credits, you can choose another course from the range of electives according to your interests.

Mandatory Traineeship in Official Statistics

Traineeships are a great opportunity to get insight into the real data work in official statistics. Thus, for EMOS students, a traineeship at a national statistical institute or other producers of official statistics is an obligatory part of the EMOS program. Mannheim Business School has established cooperation with Deutsche Bundesbank, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), and the Statistical Office of Baden-Wuerttemberg. This cooperation guarantees that EMOS trainees will be able to put into practice their knowledge acquired during their studies at Mannheim Business School. Based on your work experience and projects as an official statistics trainee, you must submit a Project Report. 

Master Project in Official Statistics

The MDM Master Project is a team project and consists of a written part (master’s thesis) and an oral part (colloquium). Working on such a project in a team of two to five participants benefits your competence portfolio. The Master Project is replicating the characteristics of data science projects in real-life, which are usually conducted as team projects. To acquire the EMOS certificate, your Master Project must be a research topic relevant to official statistics. Similarly to the traineeship, our cooperation partners can provide you with such a topic and support you.  

Other EMOS-Related Activities and Services

As an EMOS student, you benefit from various activities organized by the EMOS network of participating universities as well as national statistical institutes and other producers of official statistics. 

You can download a more detailed overview of all information concerning the EMOS Track in the download section below.

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  • EMOS Track Study Guidelines
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