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Master the Skills Needed to Succeed

Academic experts as well as program participants share their thoughts and ideas about our Master program. The current and former participants also emphasize how the Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurements enabled them to foster their careers.

Perspectives Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurement

"The Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurement brings together students from diverse backgrounds who want to boost their careers with state-of-the-art skills in gathering, analysing, and disseminating data in an ethical and secure way. Our mission is to provide an outstanding online learning experience. Classes are taught by world-leading experts from industry and academia, combining methodological rigor with practical applications. MDM students benefit from the flexibility of synchronous and asynchronous learning elements that cater to the needs of working professionals.”

Prof. Dr. Florian Keusch, Professor for Statistics and Methodology, Academic Director Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurement

"Before joining the program, I worked as a marketresearcher but switched to a data scientist position during the program. What I like most about the courses is that you can learn new concepts in a relatively short time and apply them directly at work. I’d recommend the program to anyone working with data and wanting to understand why their data, be it big or small, is probably not objective or raw, and wanting to enable themselves and others to be better at data-driven decision-making."

Markus Nutz, Data Scientist, OBI Group Holding

"As I wanted to continue working full-time, my main criterion for an educational program was flexibility. Now, at the point of graduating from the program, I can firmly say that it has far exceeded my expectations: it provided me with a solid background in statistics and data science; it allowed me to continue studying even after my daughter was born; and it made me feel part of a wider data science community. Last but not least, it enabled me to join NATO International Staff, Defence Planning Directorate, as Principal Economic and Financial Data Analyst."

Silvija Guzelyte, Policy Officer Defence Data Analysis, European Defence Agency

"All my expectations have been met so far. The ability to solve complex problems by applying well-founded survey methods and making innovative suggestions for the team to process are but a few of the possibilities made available to me in the courses of the program. I would recommend the program to anyone dealing with microdata and open to  fresh ideas as well as an exchange with an international  community of competent experts."

Malik Hebbat, Research Assistant, Deutsche Bundesbank


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