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Make the Most of the Mannheim Advantage

From day one of your MBA journey, you become part of a global network of successful business professionals and enjoy exclusive access to a wide range of events and networking opportunities. Lifelong learning offers, corporate contacts, a digital directory, events with Mannheimers across programs and cohorts, job offers and career development resources are yours to use for your personal and professional development during and after your MBA.

The network is run by our school and thus based on data and continuity. Since we keep up with our alumni and their careers, we can connect you with the best person for any query you might have. Mannheimers are active: each year, nearly 50% of our network members take part in the 100 exclusive events organized by our Alumni Relations and Career Development Office.


“A network is an active living space where individuals come together because of a shared interest, with the desire to inspire, empower and propel each other forward.”

Evelyn Ramforth, Innovation Product Manager Berlin Innovation Hub at Wiley, Mannheim Full-Time MBA Class of 2014

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The network has connected me to a trusted group of high calibre professionals, willing to generously share their knowledge, exchange in forward thinking discussions, offering their time and heart when support is required. I am also thankful for the new friendships borne out of the network which I have carried with me over the last 9 years. Proud to carry the Mannheim torch. 

“The strong bonds that I formed with individuals in the Mannheim network had played an integral role in getting me through the tough pandemic times. The Mannheim MBA is truly a golden ticket to access the stellar and ever reliable Mannheim network.”

Sahil Kamani, Senior Financial Controller at Grover, Mannheim Full-Time MBA Class of 2019

“The MBS network is full of smart, intelligent and successful people. Therefore, there is always an added value, a guarantee to learn something new or stimulate your thinking when having a discussion or chat with a Mannheimer.” 

Tahseen Zada, Key Account Manager UK & Ireland at Moxa, Mannheim Full-Time MBA Class of 2018

“The MBS network is unique, and it’s great that it just keeps on extending, extending and extending, even after your studies. There are endless possibilities to it.”

Na Li, Head of Marketing Communications & PR Land Rover, Mannheim Full-Time MBA Class of 2014

What Does it Mean to be a Mannheimer?

Word cloud: what it means to be a Mannheimer

Join the Mannheim Network

Access to the members, corporate partners and resources of the Mannheim Network is a major asset and a huge part of your Mannheim MBA experience on top of your hard and soft skill courses. No matter what your target industry or region is, there are already Mannheimers there you can connect with. No matter what your personal interests or cultural background are, you will find like-minded peers. No matter which new place you will move to after your graduation, there will be Mannheimers near you to help you get settled.


Being a Mannheimer means:



We are proud that our community is strong and connective. Whenever posting on social media, please be free to add our hashtag "MannheimerForLife" and tag Mannheim Business School.

Follow us and the hashtag to witness how it is to be a "MannheimerForLife"!

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Sharifah Sofia Syed Nasir
Admissions Manager Mannheim Full-Time MBA


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