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Focus on Your Career

The Career Development Team will advise you on the further structuring of your professional career from day one. A structured career coaching process is woven into the program to help you identify and achieve your career goals. In addition to individual counseling sessions, a series of workshops focuses on key leadership competences.

We have devised some generic candidate profiles in order to show how our Career Development efforts may support our participants and alumni according to their individual needs. Please find these profiles below.

Our Career Development Concept at a Glance

  • Orientation

    • Individual Career Counseling to assess goals, experience, values, motivators and expectations 
    • Online Self-Assessment (optional)
  • Strategy Development

    • Individual Career Counseling to plan your next career step and select suitable positions
    • Guest Lectures
  • Positioning

    Workshops focusing for example on:

    • Personal Branding & Self-Pitching
    • Interview Training
    • Presentation & Negotiation Skills
  • Implementation

    Individual Career Counseling

Generic Candidate Profiles


Lisa, 29

Lisa's goals and current situation:

  • Wants to hold a leadership position within the next 3–4 years.
  • Works for a big IT company in the Rhine–Neckar region.
  • Is quite satisfied with her position and the company she works for.

How the ACO team supports Lisa:

  • She benefits from the career development curriculum and leadership model, which include soft skills workshops that help her grow into a leadership role.
  • In the Goal Setting workshop, Lisa reflects on her (business) life and writes a concrete plan on how to proceed. She also takes up the MBS offer for a peer buddy and her regular talks with her classmate John keep her motivated.
  • Lisa books an individual counselling session in the course of her studies. She gets advice on how to become more visible in her company and on social media. Since our individual counselling sessions are a lifetime offer, she plans to book another session one year after concluding the program, when she will be ready to take the next step.
  • Lisa becomes an active member of the MBSNetwork Clubs. The Technology & IT Club is particularly interesting to her since it gives her new and useful insights into her industry while extending her network.

Chris, 27

Chris's goals and current situation:

  • Wants to switch industry.
  • Currently works as a product manager.

How the ACO team supports Chris:

  • Chris uses the CareerLeader online self-assessment tool to find out which career choices would match his profile and get useful insights on his strengths and the personal values that drive him.
  • He books an individual counselling session to discuss the results of the CareerLeader assessment and get advice on how to achieve his career goals. Together with his counsellor, he optimizes his CV and learns how to write a convincing cover letter.
  • Chris becomes a member of all MBS Network Clubs. He loves to attend the networking events to learn about the various industry trends and get a better understanding of the industries themselves.
  • During one of the company visits organized by the ACO Team, he gets to know a company whose products interest him. In the Q&A session, he asks a few questions and realizes that the company values and its products would be a good fit for him. He connects with one of the company representatives on LinkedIn.

Praveen, 32

Praveen's goal:

  • Wants to build his own startup.

How the ACO team supports Praveen:

  • Praveen attends the Design Thinking workshop where he considers various business ideas and prototypes. He teams up with a classmate and uses his newfound knowledge for their startup idea.
  • He books an individual counselling session where he shares his objectives and doubts. He is glad to have a neutral person act as a sounding board for his thoughts without being influenced or judged. The session gives him new insights and makes him more aware of pitfalls. Praveen also learns about startup partner NEXT MANNHEIM where he can get more specific support.
  • As a member of the Startup Club, he regularly connects with other people who have already built a start-up and are willing to support him and his classmate with their business idea. He also finds his first sponsors through this Network Club.

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