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Grow as a Person and a Leader

The Mannheim MBA is an intense experience that will naturally and sustainably benefit you personally. A carefully designed leadership curriculum ensures a continuous learning journey to help you develop the skills you need to lead with confidence. Consequently, your pre-existing leadership potential will be, for example, further expanded by complementing courses on Executive Communication, Time Management, Crisis & Conflict Management, or Design Thinking, and with a practical Outdoor Leadership Training within the scope of the kick-off week. 

Principles of Our Approach

Your Development Matters To Us

With our holistic approach, we want to specifically prepare you for future leading positions. In doing so, we pursue the following principles: 

  • We want to foster your personal skills and enable you to work successfully
  • We want to develop your intercultural skills for you to operate safely and effectively in international working environments
  • We want to further develop your leadership skills, which will enable you to lead teams and make high-quality decisions

Outdoor Leadership Training

Be the Leader You Can Be

A three-day outdoor leadership training is embedded in the regular leadership module of the Mannheim Part-Time MBA program. The training focuses on managing difficult situations, fostering team spirit, and developing leadership.

During the training, each participant will successively be assigned as team leader with full responsibility for the success of a given simulation challenge and the overall integrity of the team, allowing everyone to act both as a team leader and as a team member. All teams will go through a structured feedback process, including a self-assessment by the team leader, feedback by the team, and a toolbox of relevant methods and best practices presented by a mentor. Participants will have time to write down immediate thoughts on how to transfer lessons learnt and key takeaways into their professional lives.


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