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Focus on Your Career

The Career Development Team will advise you on the further structuring of your professional career from day one of the program. In the Mannheim Part-Time MBA, you will acquire new knowledge and receive a lot of ideas, through which you will develop both professionally and personally. 

We will support you in advancing your career so as to benefit from the experience and learnings you have gained throughout the program. In individual counseling sessions, we will assess where you stand and how to progress to positions where you can apply your full potential.

Our Career Development Concept at a Glance

  • Orientation

    • Individual Career Counseling to assess goals, experience, values, motivators and expectations 
    • Online Self-Assessment (optional)
  • Strategy Development

    • Individual Career Counseling to plan your next career step and select suitable positions
    • Guest Lectures
  • Positioning

    Workshops (optional) on topics such as ‘Self Branding’ and ‘Networking’

  • Implementation

    Individual Career Counseling (on demand)

Contact Person

Antje Siebler
Admissions Manager Mannheim Part-Time MBA


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