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Modular and Holistic

With its structure and content, the Mannheim Part-Time MBA is ideally matched to the needs of young professionals. The 24-month program consists of twelve modules (four to eight days each), which comprise one to three courses each and take place approximately every second month. 

The program comprises two so-called study trips. One of these is a 5-day study trip to a Business School located in an international business hub. It comprises one course from the mandatory curriculum. In addition, you will be exposed to the corporate world of the respective area, e.g. through guest speakers or company visits. Furthermore, you will get to experience the cultural richness of the respective area through cultural activities and social events. The other study trip takes you to another destination outside Mannheim and focuses on Leadership. Leadership theory is complemented by a practical outdoor Leadership training and team coaching.

The Part-Time Concept

The Part-Time MBA Program provides you with the skills and tools needed to succeed in today’s fast paced economies. In the course of two years, you will learn from excellent international faculty members, meet ambitious professionals from across the globe and benefit from a dynamic learning environment.

The 24-months program consists of

  • 12 modules (1-3 courses each)
  • Appr. 80 days of attendance (appr. 4-8 days every 2nd month)
  • Included work days: 10-30 per calendar year (appr. 10/30/20)

Contact Person

Antje Siebler
Admissions Manager Mannheim Part-Time MBA


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