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Business Founders in Our Community

We are proud to be the Alma Mater of an impressive list of successful founders. Our alumni have started innovative companies in industries ranging from mechanical engineering over financial services and consulting to electronic commerce and hospitality. Here you can find a selection of companies that were founded by Mannheim Business School alumni, and which have been growing since their start-up days.

Alumni-founded Companies

Daniel Dimpker, Essec & Mannheim Executive MBA 2008, founded 24Helmets.de in 2009. The brand portfolio consists of about 70 international brands and it is focused on high quality motorcycle helmets, clothing and accessories. We run a webshop and ship worldwide daily. Besides we have a local store and storage place in Hamburg of about 700 sqm.

Daniel Dimpker, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2008

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Daniel Dimpker on LinkedIn

ANTARES Life Cycle Solutions is helping manufacturing companies from the mechanical engineering, off-highway and other capital goods industries to improve working capital, efficiency and delivery performance through smart product portfolio management and additive manufacturing. We can help with optimizing product portfolios and engineering and supplying spare parts, and other low-volume parts, in metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing).

Jens Hähn, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2010

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Jens Hähn on LinkedIn

The vision behind the Bruderhof is to provide a decentralized event, innovation and conference space for companies, collaboration partners, Startups or other groups. The old, traditional black forest house, which is the oldest in the village, combined with a new, modern way of working will provide visitors with a unique atmosphere in total harmony with nature and the beauty of the Black Forest. The Bruderhof will offer 14 fully equipped bedrooms, conference rooms, a lounge, an event kitchen, a large sun terrace with a view towards Feldberg, a sauna and office space. The building will be fully renovated from 2021 until early 2022 until the grand opening. The feedback, so far from companies, the Startup Economy, politicians and the locals has been quite positive.

Uwe Zell, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2012

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brimful consults and coaches organizations in major transformation programs. We are brimful of effective ideas, positive energy and good questions to expand our customers’ effectiveness. brimful works with top executives, project managers and teams who are ready to try new, agile ways of working in order to effectively master big strategic challenges.

Dr. Britta Müller, European MBA 2008

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Britta Müller on LinkedIn

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: steep Riesling vineyards with Saar terroir; an old tradition of winemaking built on painstaking hand labor; a building with an ancient cultural and intellectual history. For Anna and Stephan Reimann, this confluence of factors opened the door for their long-held dream of producing extraordinary wines on the Saar. And so Weingut Cantzheim was founded in 2016, in a region the pair consider the world’s finest terroir for Riesling.

Anna Reimann, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2010

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Their first vintage was presented in 2017, just in time for the estate’s official grand opening. That day raised the curtain on a remarkable architectural ensemble that draws on both the classic and modern. Visitors were welcomed into the meticulously renovated Gutshaus, a landmark late Baroque manor, and its two modern expansions, a guest house and “vinothek”. Cantzheim has since become a hub for gourmet pursuits for the Saar winegrowing region and a magnet for fans of wine and culture from the Trier, Luxembourg and Lorraine regions.

Weingut Cantzheim is well on its way to establishing itself as a regional institution, with an unparalleled program of literature, music and wine culture — always accompanied by inimitable Saar Rieslings from the famous steep slate slopes, warm hospitality and a refined style.


Anna Reimann on LinkedIn

The investment and property company Convestus GmbH was founded in 2018. The first project relates to the healthcare sector: the full construction of a building specifically designed to house a practice for radiotherapy in Pirmasens. The completion of the building is planned in early 2020. In total about 15 million € have been invested.

Markus de Rossi, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2010

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Markus de Rossi on LinkedIn

Creating Atmospheres offers individual advice, concept development, tailored creations, and realization of interior design projects as well as event concepts for private and business customers. Special focus is placed on the individual personality of the customer, their wishes, ideas and requirements.

The company was founded by Danica Waitkus, who is passionate about interior and event design, the effect of light, colors and shapes. She enthusiastically creates individual feel-good atmospheres.

Danica Waitkus, Essec & Mannheim Executive MBA 2009

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This involves the design of living spaces, design worlds, and holistic experiences, both in the private and business sector. Private properties are redesigned to create a special, personal room ambience and individual living atmosphere.  Business premises are perfectly matched to the corporate culture and range of activities of the respective company. In addition to interior design, personal and corporate events are also conceptualized as an unforgettable experience.

Danica Waitkus on LinkedIn

e.b.g. immobilien is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by providing exclusive, personal and knowledgeable services focused on all aspects of residential real estate. For over a decade, e.b.g. immobilien has been offering in-depth property analysis, rental & transaction services, and consultation on portfolio optimization to costumers, regardless whether they are real estate novices or experienced real estate investors. Based on customer satisfaction, e.b.g. immobilien was recognized as one of the best real estate agencies in Germany by WirtschaftsWoche in 2014 and Focus Spezial in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Eva B. Gasparino, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2016

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Eva B. Gasparino on LinkedIn

At Holocene we challenge the status quo by reinventing business models responsibly together with our partners: customer-centric, ecological, economical and social. With business model innovations that promote digitalization, sustainability and the circular economy, Holocene accompanies its partners through the transformation towards agile, digital and sustainable organisations. We enable our partners by sharing the skillset, toolset and mindset necessary to create responsible business model innovations repetitively - for sustainable competitive advantage.

Helena Most, Mannheim Part-Time MBA 2020

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Helena Most on LinkedIn

You want to sustainably grow your business in a globalized world?

Germinio is helping you with senior advisory services to master the business challenges of the digital age, with a focus on enhancing effectiveness in business models, leadership and workforce transformation while always keeping people, innovation, and your company culture in mind.

Matthias A. Schmitt, MANNHEIM & TONGJI Executive MBA 2014

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With strong connections to the Chinese market, including a large network of customers, partners, and government officials, Germinio also provides active help in arranging sino-german business partnerships!

Matthias A. Schmitt on LinkedIn

GreatStay was founded in 2011 by Leonid Bojko with the goal to become one of Berlin’s most exclusive holiday apartment companies and operators. Today over 50 nicely furnished state of the art apartments are part of the group’s portfolio and the company is branching out into alternative living concepts.

Leonid Bojko, Mannheim Part-Time MBA 2016

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Leonid Bojko on LinkedIn

IconicC is a digital consulting boutique specializing in Sales-Demand-Supply Analytics for B2B commerce. Its focus is on cases when business analysts are stuck with Excel and other BI tools. Its clients value IconicC’s approach that converts insights from data into management action. It serves enterprise customers globally.

Robert K. Diab, MANNHEIM & TONGJI Executive MBA 2011

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Robert K. Diab on LinkedIn

Jüsto is the first online supermarket in Mexico, without intermediaries or physical stores. We aim to disrupt the traditional supermarket model, by reducing fixed costs, offering better prices, sourcing fresher products, with better quality and zero waste, bringing well-being to Mexican homes.

Ricardo Weder, Mannheim Full-Time MBA 2013

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Ricardo Weder on LinkedIn

Listnride has built an online bike sharing platform that enables private and professional renters to easily rent out their bikes to locals, travelers and business people. Bike retailers and manufacturers also offer test rides to their customers via the technology of listnride. The geographical focus is on the European market with core markets Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain, where new bikes are being listed every day.

Johannes Stuhler and Gert-Jan van Wijk, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2013

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Johannes Stuhler on LinkedIn

Gert-Jan van Wijk on LinkedIn

Mapify was a personal home improvement project that evolved into an international e-business! Our panoramic map poster of our new hometown, Frankfurt, was such a hit with friends and family, we started a website. Since 2016 we’ve been sending our beautiful map posters to over 85 countries worldwide.

Alistair Bruce, Mannheim Full-Time MBA 2012

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Alistair Bruce on LinkedIn

MNS Consulting Group is an international strategy and engineering consulting firm specialized in the digital industry. We distinguish ourselves with a strong combination of deep technological expertise and strategic vision that allow us to address the challenges of the telcos, banking, insurance, industry, government, utilities and services sectors.

Amadou Diop, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2011

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Amadou Diop on LinkedIn

Opticoms GmbH is active in IT / ICT industries and highly specialised in 4G / 5G public & private networks, Business Process Management, Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation, Business Visualization / Dashboard solutions and Strategic Management Consulting topics.

Kerim Agdaci, Mannheim Executive MBA 2018

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Do you need expert support in your digital transformation journey? We are here to enable you and your business to succeed in digital transformation. For this, we employ right process and analytics technologies, custom-made software solutions, 4G / 5G like connectivity solutions blended with our consultancy methodologies. Our goal is to help you throughout your digital transformation journey till it is correctly done.

Kerim Agdaci on LinkedIn

The strategic consultancy owamed GmbH was founded in 2012 and focuses on clients in the health carer sector. Hospitals, clinics, medical care centres and large practices of all medical disciplines can choose from a wide variety of consulting services, e.g. business administration, HR and cooperation management, business planning, financial and economic advice or interim management.

Markus de Rossi, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2010

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Markus de Rossi on LinkedIn

Rukayyat Kolawole, CFA, MBA founded PaceUP Invest GmbH in Germany and PaceUP Invest SAS in France in 2020. A Fintech startup whose mission is to empower women financially and help with wealth building irrespective of their income towards attaining a responsible and sustainable future for themselves and their generation. 

Rukayyat Kolawole, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2020

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We provide education, coaching, advisory and investment strategies. Men who share this mission are welcomed.

We are excited to continue this journey of empowering women to act on their financial and investment goals. 

Rukayyat Kolawole on LinkedIn

Pssbl is a bags & accessories brand founded 2018 in Hong Kong and Europe. Pssbl bags combine high functionality and durability with elegance and timeless minimal design — versatile, adjustable and fashionable, crafted to fit the needs of the modern urban world. Our bags are made by using 100% recycled fabrics, manufactured under certified fair and human working conditions, and they do "good", because each bag pays for the Pssbl "Plastic Catch and Education Program" in Cambodia.

Heike Finsterlin, MANNHEIM & TONGJI Executive MBA 2011

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Heike Finsterlin on LinkedIn

Pygmy Elephant offers self guided hikes that empower you to hike on your own, with the added support and infrastructure of a tour operator. These trips save you hours of due diligence, inquiries and reservation requests. Each trip comes with 24-hour customer service, a customized handbook, travel App, free membership to Gaia GPS and much more.

Andrew Delmenhorst, European MBA 2008

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Andrew Delmenhorst on LinkedIn

SAMA PARTNERS is an independent IT and engineering consulting company that combines many years of industry expertise and integrated solutions. It accompanies its customers as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the optimization and secure design of their business processes and IT as well as in the training and coaching of their employees. In addition to its headquarters in Mannheim, SAMA PARTNERS established branch offices in Munich and Tunis.

Dr. Ali Mabrouk, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2008

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Start-up WORLD is an international company specialized in the identification, sorting and selection of innovative solutions available worldwide to meet specific needs. Its mission is to support start-ups in the development of their partnerships with major groups by promoting their innovations. Bringing together thousands of start-ups around the world, the Start-up WORLD Ecosystem also counts more than 80 Embassies spread out around the globe in order to source ever further the nuggets which will constitute, tomorrow, the must-haves of the world.

Geneviève Clarkson, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2016

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Genevieve Clarkson on LinkedIn

Mind Hill UG is the company behind Stororama, the first German online platform for storage space sharing. Stororama is short for Storage Panorama. It brings together renters and hosts and enables a smooth transaction between them. Stororama has digitalized the entire renting process for storage spaces. Now it is easy, quick and carefree.

Hinnerk Gildhoff and Kirill Romanenko, Mannheim Executive MBA 2018

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Kirill Romanenko on LinkedIn

TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH), founded in Walldorf, Germany in 2010, is a global leader in managing corporate payments. Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the TIS solution is a comprehensive, highly-scalable, cloud platform for company-wide payments and cash management. More than 25% of DAX companies are already TIS customers.

Erol Bozak and Jörg Wiemer, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA 2009

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Erol Bozak on LinkedIn

Jörg Wiemer on LinkedIn

Urban Point connects consumers and local businesses by unlocking the power of telco data and distribution channels. It does so through creating data-driven mobile products that leverage existing datasets and insights of telcos to increase customer loyalty and retention. The Urban Point App was awarded Mobile App of the Year by Entrepreneur in 2016, selected as one of the top MENA startups by the World Economic Forum in 2017, was the subject of a documentary by Al Jazeera in 2018 and selected among the top 12 startups by Seedstarts in 2019. It currently operates in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

Susanna Ingalls and Saif Qazi, Mannheim Full-Time MBA 2014

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Susanna Ingalls on LinkedIn

Saif Qazi on LinkedIn

Visual Abstract is a mission-driven company that wants to improve research and help researchers in a world of information overabundance. We developed a product that can summarize scientific publications in a graphical abstract format. This format boosts reading speed and content memorization. Our vision is that one day every research publication comes with such a graphical summary – a Visual Abstract.

Saribek Karapetyan, Gaurav Sinha, Benito Campos, Mannheim Part-Time MBA 2020

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Benito Campos on LinkedIn

Saribek Karapetyan on LinkedIn

Gaurav Sinha on LinkedIn


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