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Stay in Touch and Leverage Your Lifelong Learning Experience

We are happy to present our Network Clubs, which are exclusive to our Mannheim Alumni and Participants. Take the opportunity to stay in touch with your alma mater and leverage your lifelong learning experience throughout your time at Mannheim Business School and beyond!

Our Network Clubs have proven to be a powerful platform for linking all stakeholders in the Mannheim Network – students, alumni, corporate partners, professors, and other institutions – creating benefits such as the continuous sharing of knowledge, the latest business trends, business opportunities, job offers, and much more. These achievements have won us the Best Lifelong Learning Initiative Award from the renowned Association of MBAs, an accolade that the many Mannheimers active in our network can rightly claim as theirs.

Mannheim Business School Network Clubs

Our thematic clubs will give you the opportunity to come back on campus (or join remotely from all over the world) and hear from fellow Mannheimers and other experts in their respective area about what is going on in the business world.

Find out more about the individual clubs here.

Basic Facts

  • What is a Network Club?

    An association made up of members of the Mannheim Business School Network, which brings together people of the same interests in industries and/or topics.

  • What is the goal of the Network Clubs?

    To make our network even more alive and to ensure a lifelong learning and networking experience for all involved parties.

  • Why should I become a member of a Network Club?

    You can already be associated with the best business school in the German- speaking world; why not make it a lifelong learning experience? And you do not have to choose one club. Sign up for all the topics that interest you.

  • Where will most sessions take place?

    Our network and events are centered on our Mannheim Campus. However, you also have the opportunity to join remotely. We plan to have at least four sessions per club per year.

  • Is there any cost involved?

    Becoming a member of a Network Club is completely free of charge. Once you are a member, you will be regularly updated on all club activities. However, we will charge a small registration fee of €14.99 if you sign up for one of our sessions on campus.

  • Who can be part of a Network Club?

    Interested alumni and students of all the Mannheim Business School degree programs.

How to Participate

You can participate in our new clubs in two ways:

  1. Make yourself, your area, and/or your employer more visible through our clubs. Is there something you would like to share with your fellow Mannheimers? Just let us know, we will help you make it happen.
  2. Become a member of our clubs – find out what is happening in the business world and seize the opportunity to learn from the best in their respective area.

Should you have any questions or ideas, or would like to plan a session on campus with us, please feel free to contact us at alumni@mannheim-business-school.com.

Personal Data

If you are interested in our recruiting services, please contact us.

Once you are a member, you will receive all information on club events by email.


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