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Terms & Conditions


  • Who is eligible to receive an MBS Referral Reward?

    Every MBS alumnus/a or current participant who proactively and successfully recommends a prospect to one of our programs will be considered for a reward.

  • What is considered a successful referral?

    In order to qualify for the reward, the alumnus/a or participant must fill out the candidate referral form and the form must be received before the candidates starts the admissions process.

    Furthermore, the alumnus/a or participant must be named on his/her candidate's application form as the person who proactively recommended Mannheim Business School  to him/her.

  • What is considered an ineligible referral?


    Personal consulting which was initiated from the admission manager for information reasons or which takes place after an application has been submitted.

    Consultation or facilitation without documentation through either the candidate referral form or the candidate's application.

    Referral of candidates who are nominated and sponsored by their companies to participate in one of the MBS programs.


  • What kind of rewards does MBS offer?

      Mannheimers referring candidates whose application has received a positive evaluation by the Admissions Committee, will be rewarded with a € 50 gift voucher for our MBS online shop.

        Mannheimers referring candidates who are accepted and enroll in one of our degree programs, are eligible for a cash reward of € 300, € 500 or € 1000, depending on the program.

        • When do I receive my reward?

          Mannheimers eligible for a gift voucher will be notified in the course of their candidate's application process.

          Mannheimers eligible for a cash reward will be contacted by the MBS Alumni Relations team once their candidate has successfully started his/her program.

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