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Business Education Meets Football

People analytics uses statistical models and other techniques to analyze worker-related data, allowing leaders to improve the effectiveness of people-related decision-making and human resource strategy.

It is an extremely relevant, although relatively unknown, issue. According to research, rather than using data, more than 80 percent of leaders still use their gut feelings and personal opinions to make decisions that affect talent management practices.

The Bundesliga football team TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is at the forefront of using people analytics to maximize its players’ performance. Both TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and its sponsor SAP envision using Hoffenheim’s training and research facilities not only for sporting purposes but also to effectively transfer findings into business practice. This subject is rooted in sport psychology, which importantly indicates that it is not only about maximizing performance, but also about prevention and support.

Our collaboration is based on the three pillars of teaching, research, and knowledge transfer. Hence, we organize workshops for our MBA and EMBA classes at the TSG Training Center, and TSG experts are guest lecturers at MBS. We are engaged in joint research and consulting projects, and create a platform for sharing knowledge with company representatives, particularly with HR executives and experts.

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