Registration & Residence Permit

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Registration & Residence Permit

All participants who intend to stay for more than 3 months in Germany will need to register at the Administrative Office for Citizens ('Bürgeramt'/'Einwohnermeldeamt') responsible for her/his area of residence, and later deregister when he/she relocates to another country (leaving Germany). Any changes regarding the residential address within Germany must also be reported to the Administrative Office for Citizens within five days after the relocation date.

Good to know

  • … that the Administrative Office for Citizens ('Bürgeramt'/'Einwohnermeldeamt' ) is responsible for registration, and the Foreigner's Registration Office ('Ausländerbehörde') is where participants should apply for a residence permit
  • … that citizens of certain states who do not need a visa to enter Germany may need to obtain a residence permit after entering the country
  • … that registration must be completed before making an appointment to apply for a residence permit
  • … that officers in the registration office/foreigner's registration office speak mainly German and some English – please reach out to Program Management for some assistance
  • … that it is mandatory to have an appointment for submitting a residence permit application
  • … that the stamped registration/deregistration forms must be safely kept as they are essential documents for future administrative purposes


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