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Visa Regulations

The German embassy/consulate in a participant’s country of residency will give detailed information concerning visa applications. The embassy/consulate is also the primary contact regarding any visa-related questions.

More information on visa regulations is available here.

Good to know

  • … that there are two types of visa : short term visa = 'Schengen visa' (for a stay of less than three months), and long term visa = 'National visa' (for a stay of more than three months)
  • … that advanced and thorough planning is one of the key factors of a successful visa application as it may take up to three months or longer to complete
  • … that embassy/consulate officers may reject the visa application submission due to incomplete documents – make sure all the required documents are brought along
  • … that it may be required to leave the original passport in the German embassy/consulate for a few days and/or for the whole visa processing time


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