Workshop Agile Leadership for Business Managers I

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Utilize the Principles and Benefits of Agility

This workshop will guide you to understand the principles and benefits of Agility, the agile mindset and its history as well as how it affects you in daily business.

In addition, we will dicuss the key concepts of different agile methods like Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking etc. and when which method works best and how they can be combined.

Our workshops will be held entirely online for the first time.

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  • History and emergence of agility
  • How digitization is changing customers and markets
  • Agile mindsets & methods - overview on differrent methods
  • Modern leadership, it starts with you - the importance of posture
  • The power of "Start with why"
  • From vision to invitation and voluntary commitment

Your Coach


Alexander Krieg

Personal Information

  • Product Owner (Agile Branch Manager) in Hamburg
  • "Doing" as a way of thinking

Professional Career

2018 - 2020    Agile Branch Manager & Agile Executive Consultant at borisgloger consulting GmbH
2014 - 2018    Agile Change Consultant for modern product and enterprise development at CGI (Acando GmbH)
2012 - 2014    Agile Projekt Manager and Scrum Master at SpeechDesign GmbH
2008 - 2012    Requirements Engineer and Product Owner at Ethalon GmbH
2004 - 2008    Software Engineer and Project Manager at Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron ‚DESY‘ (Helmholtz Association)


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