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The #MannheimerForLife Fund

For decades, Mannheim has been the center for business education in the heart of Germany’s economy. We pursue the mission of developing responsible business leaders to create a meaningful impact on business and society. With this in mind, we created the #MannheimerForLife Fund to foster a spirit of giving back within our Mannheim network. Our continuously growing network currently has more than 4,600 members from over 110 countries, all with different cultural and academic backgrounds. What unites us is the great #MannheimerForLife spirit that strengthens our community.

The competition for top talent among Europe’s top business schools has become more intensive in recent years. We created the #MannheimerForLife Fund to ensure that MBS continues to attract and foster responsible, self-reliant and resilient leaders. The resources from the fund will be used to finance scholarships and other initiatives, both at Mannheim Business School and throughout the Mannheim network.

Join us in paying it forward for future Mannheimers and in extending and strengthening our diverse and talented network.

Our first project: The 2024 #MannheimerForLife Calendar

Together with the introduction of our newly created #MannheimerForLife Fund, we are very excited to present our first fundraising project: the 2024 #MannheimerForLife Calendar.

This calendar includes impressions of our beloved Mannheim Palace and Study and Conference Center, as well as highlights from the MBS year, such as our annual Summer Party or the Commencement Ceremony where all our graduates get to celebrate their achievements together. It will help you relive all the great memories of your time at Mannheim Business School and remind you of the various events that will take place in each respective month.

Invest in your network, support future Mannheimers and strengthen your alma mater – The proceeds of the sale of the calendar will be used to cover the manufacturing costs and all the rest will go to the #MannheimerForLife Fund! We will provide updates on the projects financed by your donations to our newly developed fund.

The calendar, which is 49 × 35 cm, contains 12 pictures and is printed on high-quality 250 gsm photographic paper.

Get Your 2024 Calendar Now!

The 2024 #MannheimerForLife Calendar costs €39.90. There are four ways you can get it:

  • after the Commencement Ceremony at the Rosengarten (debit card and credit card payments),
  • at the ECD front desk (debit card and credit card payments),
  • at the SCC front desk (debit card and credit card payments) and
  • at our MBS Shop (PayPal, debit card and credit card payments).

Do you want to learn more about the #MannheimerForLife Fund?

Stay tuned for exciting new projects as they come up.

Do you have any further questions about the 2024 #MannheimerForLife Calendar or the #MannheimerForLife Fund? Do you want to contribute to the MBS network in some other way?

Reach out to us here


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